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This year marks a new chapter in my homeschooling adventure. My oldest son is a junior this year, and I have homeschooled him for 10 out of 11 years of school (including Kindergarten but excluding 5th grade), but for many reasons we decided to send him to a Christian school this year, and it is going well, though it continues to be a time of transition.

Last year my daughter did all of her subjects online, but this year for fourth grade, I wanted her to have more practice with actually writing things out to strengthen her handwriting skills, and I’ve also found books are easier to navigate when trying to review things, than online programs. So this year she is doing Science and History online, but Language Arts and Math with books at our kitchen table along with our little First grade son.

A typical day

Someday when our basement is finished off, I would like to have a warm, comfortable school area down there, but for now we spread out at our kitchen table.  I still keep a lot of our supplies in an armoire in my room, which I have showed before.

In the interest of convenience though, I bought a Closetmaid cube set and put it near my kitchen table so we could easily access what we use everyday.

I just realized I have 10 of these cube sets in total (yikes) spread around my house.

homeschool organization
It makes cleaning up after school so quick and easy (I also keep my placemats and some of my cookbooks tucked here too).

I was also so fortunate to find this cool chair for $17 dollars this week (it was 50% off because the box was damaged) to replace the old kitchen chair we were using for the kid’s school computer desk.

My little guy loves to spin and go up and down in it!
Sometimes the little things can help homeschooling go more smoothly. 

homeschool organization3

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  1. Robyn says

    Wow Margo I didnt know you home schooled..I think thats wonderful.. If I had my own children I would do the same.. Can’t trust what they teach in the schools today..I love your armoir as well

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