Closet Organization Update

I posted about my half of the master closet here last year, but we’ve upgraded it a bit since then, and I am so excited to have it even more functional.

, Closet Organization Update,

This corner with the small dresser had so much un-utilized space above it that I wanted to take advantage of, so…

, Closet Organization Update,

We bought 2 of these 4 drawer kits and voila…

, Closet Organization Update,

We were able to fit 7 of the 8 drawers in the space, and it gives me so much more storage, and it’s adjustable if my needs change.

Also, when I last posted about my closet, I had used a temporary, adjustable double hanging rod for my hanging clothes, but I wanted a permanent one, and for very little cost, we bought a shelf and rod set and installed it.

, Closet Organization Update,

My husband cut down the shelf to the size I wanted it, so I would still have a little room for extra long items.

, Closet Organization Update,

Everything was around $150, and now I have just what I need to organize my clothing items, and since I don’t have a linen closet, a place to store extra towels and washcloths for the master bathroom.

I love having double hanging space because it really utilizes the available space well.

, Closet Organization Update,

We’ve used it in both my daughter’s closet and the boys’ as well, and the two younger ones can reach their clothing more easily.

, Closet Organization Update,

You really don’t have to have a huge space to be able to corral lots of clothing items, and yet still be organized.

These links have some great suggestions for organizing closets:

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Hope you find some helpful tips!

, Closet Organization Update,