Post Holiday Sales

“After holiday” sales are a great time to stock up for next year without having to spend a fortune. I’m not always able to shop the “after” sales, but this year (technically last year) after Christmas, I was fortunate to be able to grab a few bargains that I will enjoy next Christmas, and I was so excited, I just had to show them off.

Post Holiday Sales, Joyful Homemaking

This pretty little tree was around $4 on clearance, and will look so elegant on a table top.

Post Holiday Sales, Joyful Homemaking

These balls were around a dollar a package which is a steal, and the table runner rang in around $4.

Post Holiday Sales, Joyful Homemaking

Since I love stuffing my tree with as many ornaments as it will hold, I was thrilled to find some adorable ornaments for 75% off at our local Restore which is a Habitat for Humanity outlet.


A tiny wreath


A colorful drum


A pretty and petite birdhouse


Poinsettias and bells


A blue angel with intricate wings


A delicate white metal manger scene


And a couple of cuties that my kids liked. Most of these were a quarter or less at Restore with the 75% off sale, and I am looking forward to decorating the tree next Christmas.

Right now, with Valentines Day having just passed, you might be able to find a few goodies on clearance for next years Valentine’s Day decorating, or I have found that at stores like Joann’s and others like it, you can find lots of clearance “Valentines” items that could be used for decorating girls rooms or other pink, white or red decor themed rooms!

Post Holiday Sales, Joyful Homemaking



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