Vegetarian Meatloaf

Welcome to another “Minus the Meat Monday!”  He he, does that sound official? I hope it’s not cheating that my recipe for this week is a vegetarian “meatloaf,” since I’m trying a homemade meat substitute, but to quote my husband’s favorite saying, (which drives me crazy, by the way),
“it is what it is.”

Last January, I posted a recipe for meatless meatballs that was good.

vegetarian meatloaf, Vegetarian Meatloaf,

Vegetarian Meatballs

The veggie “meatloaf” recipe I tried this week is similar to that recipe,
but uses whole grain cereal flakes
instead of the breadcrumbs, which gives it more fiber and vitamins.
I used a  recipe from that received 5 stars from 9 reviews.
It contains cottage cheese, eggs, olive oil,
onion soup mix, walnuts, cereal flakes and onions.
Click here to get the printable recipe from

vegetarian meatloaf, Vegetarian Meatloaf,

A couple of tips that I have after making this recipe:

When it say’s “finely” chopped walnuts, make sure they are finely chopped, or you will have crunchy chunks, which are not meat-like. Use a food processor, but stop processing before they become nut butter.

I also baked mine about 5 minutes more than the suggested time of 20 minutes so they would be firmer, but that may depend on your oven.

The recipe said to let them “rest for 5 minutes” after baking,
but I found if you let them set
longer, and cool a bit, that they set up more
and become even more meat like.

I also used low fat cottage cheese, and it worked just fine,
and I substituted Total Whole Grain Flakes for the cereal.

vegetarian meatloaf, Vegetarian Meatloaf,

While I don’t think most people would be fooled into thinking
these were made from real meat, they were good.

vegetarian meatloaf, Vegetarian Meatloaf,

So, if you’d like to give vegetarian meatloaf a chance,
go to to get the printable recipe!

Hope you enjoy!