These days, most of us have lots of shoes…casual, dressy, seasonal, sport etc… and often wonder where is the best place to store and organize them?  I suppose I’m the worst offender at my house as far as the amount of shoes I have.  My kids have flip flops, boots, a pair of shoes for church and sneakers, and my hubby has several pairs of sneakers, a few dress shoes, and a pair of boots.  I, on the other hand, well I have a few more styles than they do.  My mom says my first word was “shoe.”  In my defense, I’m a super bargain shopper, and wear my shoes for years and years.  😛

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However, with lots of shoes, comes the need for lots of storage, or maybe just super efficient storage.

, Shoe Storage Ideas, I used to keep the majority of each family members shoes in their respective closets, and so I just used a small shoe cubby in the hall closet for the most used shoes, depending on what season it was at the time.

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To save space in my closet, for years I used a shoe bag over the closet door.  Incidentally, shoe bags are so versatile for storing and organizing all kinds of things!

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Our current shoe storage is in our front hall closet, which we redid with shelves and baskets, and it continues to work well for us.

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Coat Closet Organization

Now while my shoe storage solutions have usually been more about function than beauty, there are many pretty AND functional ideas for shoe storage and organization.  I love these cute baskets under a bench that Trey and Lucy’s Blog used!

, Shoe Storage Ideas, Bench & Shoe Storage Solution from Trey and Lucy

There are endless options for corralling all the shoes your family collects:

  • Wire baskets
  • Wicker baskets
  • Pegs on the wall (low to the ground)
  • Hooked on tension rods
  • Over the door, metal or plastic shoe rack
  • Magazine holders for flip flops

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What options work best for you and your family?