Family Meal Plan

The countdown is on at our house.  After a lot of prayer and consideration, my husband and I have decided to send our 2 youngest, previously homeschooled children, to private school this fall.
It will be a big change for them (and me, since I’ve homeschooled 1 – 3 children for the last 14 years), but we really feel it’s the right decision for now.  But, that means we only have 3 weeks of summer left to enjoy!  We’ve had a pool membership this summer, but I still want to make it to a beach, an amusement park, and a drive-in movie theater, before summer is over.
What’s on your bucket list before you say goodbye to summer?

I also want my family to enjoy some more juicy watermelon, buttered corn on the cob, and a new icecream flavor!  Trying different foods can be part of a bucket list, right?

In our home, our two youngest who are now 11 and 14, have gone through some pretty picky food stages, and we’ve had a few battles in this area, but it has gotten better.   I want to encourage you, if you have picky eaters, as your children get older, if you keep offering different foods, and encouraging them to try at least a bite or two of new things, it DOES get easier!  Sometimes as a parent you want to give up, but you can’t.  Take some deep breaths, pray, and keep on doing what you can.  One day at a time is all that’s required of us.

I do have a post on this that I hope will be helpful to you.

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Menu planning is an easy way to take some of the stress out of meal time!

These are a couple of free printables that I use often for menu planning, and you are free to use them as well:

meal plan, Family Meal Plan, Grocery List Printable

meal plan, Family Meal Plan, Weekly Meal Planner
They work great on a clipboard!

Ok, so on to some new dinner ideas for your family’s week:

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This group of bloggers are who comes up with the tasty menus for each week.

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Baked or Fried Empanadas from Jonesin’ for Taste

meal plan, Family Meal Plan,

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole from New South Charm

meal plan, Family Meal Plan,

Sundried Tomato Mayo, Bacon & Egg Sandwich from Joyful Homemaking

meal plan, Family Meal Plan,

Croque Madame Pizza from Cooking with Carlee

meal plan, Family Meal Plan,

Potato Crust Quiche from Recipe Treasures

meal plan, Family Meal Plan,

Five Cheese Stuffed Shells from A Day in Candiland

What’s more perfect for a summer dessert than Peach Cake?

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Easy Summer Peach Cake from Growing Up Gabel

Enjoy and have a great week!