I’m always looking for ways to make having family dinners together an easier and more streamlined process.  Last week my 19 year old son mentioned at dinner, that he was so glad that we ate dinners together, and it warmed my heart so much to know that he appreciated the efforts that my hubby and I have made in making it a priority. (Update: he’s now 23)  🙂

If you struggle like I do, in getting it all together at dinnertime, I’ve made a booklet for my newsletter subscribers (subscribers receive new posts, plus news & offers by email, and can unsubscribe at anytime) with 30 dinner recipes that include some of my family’s favorite meals to eat together, and I’ve included the recipes and a grocery list for each one.  Here’s my privacy policy.

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I was choosy with which recipes I included, so that they would appeal to busy families, including the kids.  Since it has everything all in one place, I think it will help simplify the process of deciding what to eat, what you need to buy from the grocery, and how to make it!  🙂

I am thankful for each and every blog follower, and want you to know you are appreciated!