This time of year I am always trying to think of gift ideas for family and friends, some of whom appreciate something personal. Lately I’ve seen lots of ideas for decorating candles. The Gunny Sack has a good tutorial on how to embed artwork in a candle, and so I used her suggestions, but I used a photo, and I love the result!

Medium to large candle
Tissue paper
Computer paper
Heating tool

Here is what I did:

, Photo Transfer onto a Candle, After finding a photo on my computer that I wanted to use, and sizing it to fit properly on my candle (using Microsoft Word),

I glued a piece of tissue paper to a piece of computer paper just very lightly around the edges, (so it would run through the printer) and then inserted it into my printer, and printed out my photo onto it.
 Then I trimmed the picture to the size I wanted it for my candle,  removing the computer paper and leaving just the tissue paper part.
I purchased this heating tool from a craft store with a coupon for about $10, and what’s nice is I can use it for other craft projects as well.
Now my picture clung to the candle, so I didn’t have to use glue, but you may need a dab to hold your picture in place. Then I used my heating tool and blew hot air onto the picture till the wax had melted through the photo (keep your heat gun moving and don’t get too aggresive or your wax will begin to drip), and the photo was completely under a layer of wax. Then I let it cool, and that’s it!
, Photo Transfer onto a Candle,

This idea could be used for so many different gifting occasions to preserve a memory.

, Photo Transfer onto a Candle,
 To give as a gift, just wrap in cellophane or tulle, and tie with ribbon or twine!
, Photo Transfer onto a Candle,

I consider this a commemorative gift and wouldn’t burn the candle, but if you do,
never leave it unattended while it’s burning.