Make a Birthday Candy Bouquet

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Wow, between the months of March and May, in my family and extended family, we have 11 birthdays to celebrate!  For the teenagers especially, it can be so challenging to decide on a birthday theme, gifts and activities.  Most of the kids just tend to ask for money, which I’m happy to give, since then they can buy whatever they want with the money, but I do like for my gift giving to be more personal, to show the receiver that I gave them some thought.
So I had an idea to make up these charming candy bouquets, to go along with the cash, to make my loved one’s birthdays more special, colorful and fun!

Make a candy bouquet, Make a Birthday Candy Bouquet,

Isn’t this a delectable way to add some sparkle to your birthday celebration!?

Hershey’s makes this candy bouquet a delicious “piece of cake” to create, with their new birthday-themed products at Walmart. They have lots of party-ready options for busy moms in one easy location.

Make a candy bouquet, Make a Birthday Candy Bouquet,

Look for the Hershey’s birthday displays that are found in the party aisle, instead of the candy aisle. Many of the Hershey’s candies are dressed up just for birthday celebrations!  Like these  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures in brightly wrapped foils.  These birthday themed sweets make it so convenient to decorate, make goody bags, create crafts, and to entertain with party activities or prizes at your birthday celebrations!

Make a candy bouquet, Make a Birthday Candy Bouquet,

The red, blue and gold wrappings, make it so easy to make a colorful candy bouquet.
Here’s how you put one together:

Make a candy bouquet, Make a Birthday Candy Bouquet,

For supplies, you’ll need some wooden skewers or sucker sticks (from the cake decorating aisle), some colorful pipe cleaners, a brightly colored mug or small vase, a block of floral foam, tissue paper and tape.

First, cut your foam block to fit in your vase. Now this can be messy, so it’s best to cut it over spread out newspaper to catch all of the “crumbs.”
After inserting it somewhat tightly into your vase, fold up the tissue paper, and tuck it down into the sides of the vase, arranging it so it looks pretty.

Then lay out the candy you want to use for your bouquet, and start taping it to your skewers on the backside of the candy, so the “front” of the candy will be facing front on your bouquet.
I like to try and insert the candy types spread out by threes, so my arrangement looks somewhat symmetrical.

To help fill in the bouquet and give it some “pizazz,” wind your pipe cleaners around a pencil to make them cute and curly, then tape them to a skewer and add them to your bouquet.

For some of the candies and pipe cleaners in the front, I broke the skewers in two to make them a little shorter.  That way everything is not the same height, and all you see are bottoms of the skewer sticks.

Make a candy bouquet, Make a Birthday Candy Bouquet,

With your leftover candy, you could fill a pretty jar with a lid, and have the party guests guess how many treats are in the jar, and then whoever gets closest to the amount in the jar, gets to keep it!

Make a candy bouquet, Make a Birthday Candy Bouquet,

To get lots more colorful and fun birthday celebration ideas, be sure to check out Hersheyland!

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Make a candy bouquet, Make a Birthday Candy Bouquet,