Pillow Curlers

My daughter’s hair is very long, and very coarse, and I have had an unsuccessful time trying to curl it with curling irons, hot curlers and curlers. Usually by the time we get from the house to the car, her hair is pretty much straight again after using any of these tools. So after doing a little research online, I found that these pillow rollers had been successful with long hair.

, Pillow Curlers,

I found them at Target for $10 which is probably not the cheapest place to find them, but I was there, they were there, it was right around Christmas and crazy busy everywhere, so I bought them.

, Pillow Curlers,
I tried them out on a Saturday night before her Sunday Christmas program, so she could sleep in them.
First I slightly dampened her hair with a little conditioner spray, and also put in a little bit of curl enhancing mousse that I use on my hair occasionally. Then I simply followed the directions on the package and rolled her hair with them.
She only complained once about wearing them to bed and then she forgot all about them, and as far as “curlers” go, these are soft and not bulky at all.
, Pillow Curlers,
When I took them out the next morning, my daughter actually had ringlets, and I was thrilled. I was very careful not to comb or brush through them much.
, Pillow Curlers,

By the time we arrived at church, they definitely had relaxed some (even with a little hairspray on them) but still I was so pleased, because she  had never had curls like that before. She played outside in the snow that afternoon, and the next day she still had some pretty waves left.
These are the only curlers that have worked for her and  have been comfortable too.
If you know someone with hard to curl hair, I would definitely recommend these!