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Pillow Curlers

My daughter’s hair is very long, and very coarse, and I have had an unsuccessful time trying to curl it with curling irons, hot curlers and curlers. Usually by the time we get from the house to the car, her hair is pretty much straight again after using any of these tools. So after doing a little research online, I found that these pillow rollers had been successful with long hair.

, Pillow Curlers, Joyful Homemaking

I found them at Target for $10 which is probably not the cheapest place to find them, but I was there, they were there, it was right around Christmas and crazy busy everywhere, so I bought them.

, Pillow Curlers, Joyful Homemaking
I tried them out on a Saturday night before her Sunday Christmas program, so she could sleep in them.
First I slightly dampened her hair with a little conditioner spray, and also put in a little bit of curl enhancing mousse that I use on my hair occasionally. Then I simply followed the directions on the package and rolled her hair with them.
She only complained once about wearing them to bed and then she forgot all about them, and as far as “curlers” go, these are soft and not bulky at all.
, Pillow Curlers, Joyful Homemaking
When I took them out the next morning, my daughter actually had ringlets, and I was thrilled. I was very careful not to comb or brush through them much.
, Pillow Curlers, Joyful Homemaking

By the time we arrived at church, they definitely had relaxed some (even with a little hairspray on them) but still I was so pleased, because she  had never had curls like that before. She played outside in the snow that afternoon, and the next day she still had some pretty waves left.
These are the only curlers that have worked for her and  have been comfortable too.
If you know someone with hard to curl hair, I would definitely recommend these!



  1. Beautiful hair! I have always had a hard time keeping curl in my hair, and I didn’t want to get a perm since they can be so damaging. But these might work! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Yay! You’re back! (We love pillow curlers, too. My oldest has glorious thick hair,but it doesn’t hold a curl AT ALL. And mine is super fine with the same problem. What helps, besides the pillow curlers, is curly mousse.)

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I have such a hard time keeping curl in my hair. I had my hair curly for my wedding and luckily for me my stylist was there the whole time – she had to re-curl my hair before the ceremony (after pictures) AND before the reception again. I will definitely have to try this out!

  4. FYI: if her hair had some layers to it, it would hold a curl better. you are asking her hair to do a LOT when it is so heavy to begin with. the weight of her hair is pulling the curl out. take some bulk out and even thin it a little if you are scared to cut layers. i have thick hair as well and thinning it makes it have more life , bounce and hold curls better.

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