Building with Legos is a favorite activity for all three of my kids. My oldest has accumulated thousands of Lego pieces in his 17 years, and he still builds the most fabulous creations from time to time. I’ve always admired the Lego tables I see on Pinterest and around the web, and have wanted to make something similar for my kids.

, Lego Table,

So I finally picked up two Lego mats at Target for around $15 each,
and then kept my eyes open for a good “furniture” piece to attach them too.

, Lego Table,

My husband spotted this rolling cart kit at our local Marc’s store for around $20,
and I loved the fact that it had wheels so we could move it from room to room.
Plus the measurement was the perfect fit for the Lego mats.

, Lego Table,

It only took a few minutes to assemble.

, Lego Table, I love the fact that it came with bins that could hold some of the Legos,
and also fit neatly under the table top.

, Lego Table, Love love the wheels for rolling it around!

, Lego Table, Now, if you are ever “connecting” two or more mats, make SURE
you attach them with Legos so you get the spacing right BEFORE you
glue the mats down!

, Lego Table, I used my glue gun to attach the mats to the top,
but it WAS a bit tricky because the glue dries
so fast, so there may be a better alternative out there as far as adhesives go.
If you do use your glue gun though, I suggest putting some glue on the middle first,
and then centering the plates on the table top, and then you can go around and glue
the edges a little at a time by gently lifting them up, then pressing down to get a good seal.

, Lego Table,

Now it’s ready for lots of fun Lego creations!

, Lego Table,

The kids dove right into building and playing with their Legos,
after they heard me mixing them up!

, Lego Table, It moves so easily from room to room!

For around $50 we have a great little Lego cart, and if you already have a furniture piece
that would work, or some Lego mats, it would be even less expensive!

, Lego Table,

, Lego Table, I think it’s a lot of bang for the buck!

, Lego Table, You may also be interested in this easy DIY Lego Display Shelf we made for our youngest’s birthday!