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Stretching Spaghetti Sauce

Recently I had some unexpected young guests for dinner, and on the spur of the moment, I switched my dinner plans for a more mild and crowd pleasing menu of spaghetti. When I checked my pantry though, I only had one jar of spaghetti sauce which I knew would not be enough sauce.

, Stretching Spaghetti Sauce,

I had already cooked and frozen my ground beef as I usually do, so I put that in the skillet to thaw, and poured in the jar of sauce that I had, while searching for ideas on how to stretch my servings.

So here is what I did:

  • Added a couple of Tablespoons of water to my spaghetti sauce jar, put the lid on, and shook it around to get all
    the last drops of sauce out, and then poured it into the skillet.
  • Added a few Tablespoons of my boiling pasta water to the sauce mixture.
  • Pureed a can of diced tomatoes from my pantry and added it.
  • Added a Tablespoon of olive oil.

Then I mixed everything well.

, Stretching Spaghetti Sauce,

Some other ideas for stretching your sauce, which I didn’t use but are options:

  • Add a little beef broth
  • Add some cream
  • Add a can of tomato soup
  • Add canned tomato sauce or tomato paste with some water (and maybe some extra Italian seasoning)
  • Mix the sauce and spaghetti together before serving, and then no one will take the lion’s share of the sauce.

Random ideas:

  • See what you have in your pantry; I found a jar of Alfredo sauce, and also some children like their pasta with just butter and Parmesan cheese. So if you have unexpected guests and not quite enough sauce, it works to have a smorgasbord or “pasta bar” of sorts for each to choose their own spaghetti topping.
  • If you have plenty of bread, you can help fill up tummies by making lots of garlic buttered toast to add to the spaghetti meal.
    , Stretching Spaghetti Sauce, The sauce turned out fine, and everyone got fed!
    Hope this gives you some helpful ideas!