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2 Free Christmas List Printables

Tis the Season! I woke up to four inches of snow this morning, and it’s a beautiful winter wonderland outside.
With less than a month and a half left till Christmas, it’s time to get serious about Christmas shopping, and I made up a printable to help us all. We usually buy for over 30 people, although for many of those we have mutually agreed to cap off the spending at $10 which helps everyone’s budget, and forces us to be extra creative and thoughtful with our gift giving.

, 2 Free Christmas List Printables, Joyful HomemakingChristmas Shopping List

Hopefully this free printable will help us all clear our heads a bit by getting everything down on paper, so we won’t have to keep reminding ourselves not to forget someone. Plus there’s a space to write down ideas as they pop into our heads!

Just click on the printable or link and you will be taken to a PDF that you can print! I also have a fun one for children to make their list!

Children’s Christmas List Printable , 2 Free Christmas List Printables, Joyful HomemakingGod bless you this holiday season!

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