2 Easy Crocheted Gifts

I am not an advanced crocheter by any means. Once a year I seem to get a hankering to crochet something, usually around vacation time or Christmas. The latter being my motivation this time.
Usually my project of choice is dishcloths/washcloths because they are simple and I can have one finished in a couple of hours (My afghan adventures never seem to get finished).

For washcloths or dishcloths it’s good to use a cotton yarn like the one above,
or Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn, because it will hold up well in the washer and dryer without melting.

There may be differences of opinion on this, but when I started crocheting as a child, my mom always told me to first unroll and reroll the yarn into a ball just to make sure there weren’t any tangles or knots in it, and it’s a habit I still practice.

It also then seems to unroll easily as I am using it.


I found a washcloth pattern I really liked at Tangled Yarns. If you would like the pattern she has a free downloadable pdf file. 
I wanted something pretty and easy, and this pattern was both!


These will make some cute additions to some of my Christmas packages.
(These two in particular don’t look the same because I realized half way through, I was making my single crochet wrong, woops!)

Add a pretty bar of soap or an earth friendly fancy dish liquid, and you have a thoughtful little gift.

Another fast crochet gift idea is a flower bookmark. I found this pattern at The Best is Yet to Be, and it’s just darling. I used the “tail” part of her pattern and for the flower part I used a small flat flower from About.com.


Aren’t they cute!? Either of these would make a nice homemade stocking stuffer too!

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  1. I love those wash cloths, and the ones I had were tossed a couple of years ago. I wear them out! Thanks so much for the pattern!

  2. Dear Margo, they look great!! I love the color blue,red and white, they go well. Thanks for sharing my friend! Blessings!

  3. Hi, Margo

    These are so lovely. I self taught myself to crochet and still a novice, but I love it. It’s relaxing to me. Have a great weekend. Love for you to stop by my blog I have a Christmas giveaway going on. Thanks!


  4. So cute!! Teach me??!!

  5. Oh, my word! Those book marks are just absolutely adorable! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  6. Love those pretty washcloths!!

  7. These are adorable!! I must relearn to crochet soon!!! You have inspired me!! Thanks so much!! Now I have some ideas of sweet gifts to make and a good reason to relearn the craft!!

    Visiting from Mop It Mondays Link Party!


  8. Great ideas! Thanks so much for linking this up to the Winter Wonders & Holiday Happenings link party. I’m glad you did, thanks for stopping by!

  9. Great gift ideas!

  10. love the washcloths!

  11. I crochet and knit but am far from advanced. I always make afghans. I’ve seen crochet dish towels and wash cloths but I always wondered can you really use them to wash things with? How do they hold up?
    Thanks for sharing this post
    Robyn :)

  12. Love those bookmarks! I gotta check em out

  13. What great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE the washcloths. I have some and hate using anything else.

  14. Tonna @ Navy Wifey Peters says:

    Nice washcloths! I never finish my afghans either… :-)

    Submarine Sunday Link Party

  15. loving the solid white. gorgeous!

    mmmmmmm, i’m sleepy just seeing the lovely photos!

    if you have a moment, we’d love you to drop by and enter the giveaway. hope you win! http://hellolovelyinc.blogspot.com/2012/12/personalized-lovely-giveaway.html

    smiles to you.


  16. Beautiful! Not something I think I could ever do, but someday would love to at least try. Thank you for sharing! (btw, found you through the Growing Home link-up!)

  17. Gorgeous, I love this! Just wanted to let you know that I featured this post in my 15 Homemade Gift Ideas post!


  18. Thank you for posting this along with the link to the pdf file! I needed a few extra little gifts at the last minute (no surprise if you know me), so I’m making it right this very moment! woo-hoo!

  19. P.S. I got so excited I forgot to tell you what I was making hahah! The washcloth, yay.

  20. I am pinning these. My crochet skills are primitive but I love to crochet:)

  21. Nicole @WonkyW says:

    I love the bookmarks! Super-Duper Cute, I think I need to pin those :)


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