, Personalized Master To-do List, Joyful Homemaking

Personalized Master To-do List

, Personalized Master To-do List, Joyful Homemaking

Do you have all these things you want to get to and not forget just floating around in your head? Do you lay awake at night sometimes wishing you would have gotten a little more accomplished that day or remembering things you had wanted to work on but forgot?

Well, you’re not alone. I can relate. With my somewhat Type A personality, I’ve struggled feeling like my mind was always cluttered with chores, paperwork, projects I wanted to complete, or trying to remember a good book someone had suggested, and of course a hundred other things.

I’ve always used a planner notebook…a simple one from an office or discount store, and I don’t think I could live without it, or at least be as efficient and focused as I try to be (I also use a large calendar on the fridge for the family’s appointments/engagements/activities).

But, I was finding that I still forgot things, or wouldn’t write something down for later because I didn’t think I needed to. Or if I did make a list here and a list there (I like making lists), they would soon get lost or stuffed somewhere never to be seen again.

So, a couple of years ago I made myself a “master list” to keep track of things I wanted to do, learn or read etc. I quickly figured out that the items on my list grouped into similar categories pretty easily. My list wasn’t fancy, but it worked. I felt less stressed knowing I wouldn’t forget something important, and knowing I could let my mind relax because everything was safely written down in a specific place.

So for you and I, I’ve made a cheerful printable in order to list goals/projects/tasks for different categories of life. It makes it so much easier to keep track of everything.

I like to keep my master to-do list on a clipboard in the kitchen, but I left room on the left margin of the printable for you to have room to punch holes if you prefer to put it in a binder. 

, Personalized Master To-do List, Joyful Homemaking

It’s so nice getting all the jumbled things out of my head (most of them) and organized and put in a specific safe place.  I think you’ll find it beneficial too!

The categories I’ve chosen are to do’s and goals:

  • Daily
  • Personal
  • Family
  • Cleaning
  • House Projects
  • Online
  • Organizing
  • Paperwork
  • Learning

You may think of others, but these will get you started.  🙂


Free Printable Master-To-Do-List 


Also, I have an editable version if you’d like to fill it in online.

, Personalized Master To-do List, Joyful Homemaking

Free Editable Online Master-To-Do-List

If you’d like to make all your own categories, here is a blank one to print.

, Personalized Master To-do List, Joyful Homemaking

Blank Master To Do List

Editable Blank Master-To-Do-List

, Personalized Master To-do List, Joyful Homemaking

I know I surely get more done with a handy list like this, and I think you will too. 

So go ahead and print it out. Then write down your “must-do’s” and “want-to’s” and stick your list on a clipboard, in a binder, on the wall or refrigerator, or wherever you’ll be able to regularly see it! You should be feeling more relaxed and making progress in no time.  🙂


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