Organizing those Little Things

I have really been enjoying Pinterest! There are just so many great ideas for decorating and organizing, cleaning and recipes…  This past week I found some good ideas for how to organize  some of the smaller things around my house, and many of them came from The Family Handyman which has awesome ideas!

, Organizing those Little Things,

One of the ideas was to use bread clips to label cords. I have several appliances close together on my counter so this helps me know quickly which one I am plugging in. I try not to keep things plugged in that I am not using because my mother and father had a house fire a few years ago when they weren’t home from a blender that was plugged in and defective.

, Organizing those Little Things,


, Organizing those Little Things,

They also can work to label other cords like all those computer cords.

, Organizing those Little Things,

Just be careful not to puncture your cords!

, Organizing those Little Things,

This was a clever idea also, to attach an empty tissue box to a cabinet door with thumbtacks, and then store your empty grocery bags inside for when you need them ( I actually used velcro to attach mine to the door).

, Organizing those Little Things,

Even though I don’t have a lot of ribbon at the moment, I thought this was a great way to store spools of ribbon. Just use a pants hanger that has the lift up bars to slide your ribbon on. Mine was missing a rung, but that might work well for larger spools!

, Organizing those Little Things,

I really liked the idea of storing cupcake liners in a pretty glass jar. A taller jar would be pretty, but I had this short one on hand. You will need a jar with a wide mouth to get the liners to fit inside.

Last week I organized this cabinet, and then I saw another terrific idea on using a tension rod in the back of the cabinet for those itty bitty spices and seasonings so they don’t get hidden behind the larger ones.
, Organizing those Little Things,

I hope these tips are helpful; I know I was excited to share my recent Pinterest finds with you!

, Organizing those Little Things, Sometimes the littlest things can be a huge help!
, Organizing those Little Things,
For more organizing tips, be sure to check out my Organization Archives!


  1. I love your organisational pins. I had pinned the same idea about putting the cake papers in a jar too!

    I have posted about some of my favourite Christmas wreath pins on my Christmas blog and I have also posted about a few of my favourite Halloween pins on my main blog so if you have 5 Minutes to spare please pop by!

    I would also be honoured if you could link up your post to my weekly Pinning and Singing Pinterest Linky Party as this post is Pinspirational!

    Best wishes and happy Halloween!
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  2. Found your link at Funky Junk and love so many of the ideas you discovered on Pinterest! I have just started over there and now see why it’s so addicting! Now I need to go look for some jars for my cupcake papers!

  3. Great ideas. Love the one about the computer cords and the cupcake liners. I am going to do my cupcake liners tomorrow. I am a new follower. Please visit and follow me as well. Ginger

  4. I love the cupcake wrapper idea. I used a small jelly jar with a regular lid. It works well – only one liner comes out at a time since it is a tight fit.
    Can’t wait until my kleenex box is empty to organize my plastic bags.

  5. That’s a genius idea for the tension rod. I will defifnitely be getting a couple for my cupboards as I have no idea what’s hiding at the back!

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