My Pinterest Fails

Have you ever tried  to make an adorable looking craft or a scrumptious looking recipe from Pinterest, and it didn’t turn out like the picture?

, My Pinterest Fails,
I’ve certainly had a few, and thought I’d share some of my FAILS!
(I must add, I’m not blaming the creator, but probably MY user error!)

Have you seen those adorable little bunny rolls?

, My Pinterest Fails,

I have tried these three times with no luck, mine end up looking like a Pokemon!
Anybody know what the trick is to make these adorable, instead of scary????

, My Pinterest Fails,

 Our snowmen aren’t quite as cute as this one,  but they were good, and my kids didn’t care!

, My Pinterest Fails,

Pam’s Olaf is charming!

, My Pinterest Fails,

The kids and I had a bit of trouble, and took some creative license with ours!

Wouldn’t your kids be amazed to see their
hard boiled egg all scrambled inside!?
Other websites make it look so easy.

, My Pinterest Fails,

We tried, but must have been a tad too rough, and made some tiny cracks,
and when we boiled them, voila!

Banana chips look healthy, golden and tasty!

, My Pinterest Fails,

Mine always turn out too brown…Any tips?

Sooooooooo…., not that there was any doubt, but I make my share of flubs!

 It’s all good though, right?