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Free Printable Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker

Hey there!  On Monday I mentioned that I was counting my calories and trying to eat more proteins and vegetables, and fewer refined foods, so I could lose some weight for my son’s upcoming summer wedding.  I’m not super strict, just trying to build good habits, watching portion sizes, and drinking more water.

After looking at various printable options online and a few free apps, I couldn’t find one that was tailored to my particular goals, and with the apps, I didn’t want to have to mess with navigating through them to log in everything I eat.

So since my hubby knows how to make all kinds of charts and spreadsheets, I asked for his help in coming up with a simple printable to help me track my calories, and to remember the good habits that I am trying to focus on.  In case any of you have similar goals, I am sharing this printable with you!

, Free Printable Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker, Fitness Printable

The things I added to the printable were things that are helpful for me to keep track of on a daily basis, when I’m trying to lose weight.

  • Weight: I know some people only weigh once a week or so, but for me it helps keep me on track if I weigh myself daily.
  • Calories: As I eat through out the day, it’s simple to jot down how many calories I’m consuming, with my printable close by on the kitchen counter.
  • Exercise: The space for this could be just a check mark to say it’s done, or what kind, like strength or cardio.  Plus it’s a visual reminder to get ‘er done…
  • Fruit:  I gave a space for tally marks, and again it’s there as a reminder to eat more produce as opposed to junk.
  • Vegetables:  This is another reminder to eat more veggies, and a spot to keep track with check marks or tally marks.
  • Vitamins:  I soooo need a reminder to take my multivitamin, as I haven’t made it a habit yet… 😛

, Free Printable Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker, I use my handy dandy hole puncher, and left enough room on the left side of the sheet to punch the holes, so these sheets can be easily put into a notebook!

, Free Printable Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker, I put a few tally marks and notes in here to show you how it can be used.  There is the same information in each quadrant of the page, so each sheet can be used for 4 days (or 8 if you print on the back too), to cut down on the number of pages you need.

, Free Printable Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker,

, Free Printable Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker,

I eat more than 1,280 calories most days, I was just jotting down a neat and tidy example to show you! 😛 

, Free Printable Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker,


Just click on the images or link to be taken to the PDF file to print out as many copies as you like.

, Free Printable Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker,

If you need a pretty binder to keep your printables in, Amazon has lots of pretty options.