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The Secret to Cutting Brownies Easily

I have been making brownies for 27 years of marriage (and my thighs reflect that), and I have ALWAYS had trouble cutting them cleanly and smoothly. 

If you’ve tried your hand at cutting up a pan of fresh warm brownies, or even cool ones, I’m sure  you know what I mean.  You start to pull the knife through, and all of a sudden you have a big “clump” of brownies stuck to your knife, GOUGING it’s way through your brownies. 

Instead of slicing through your brownies like butter, and leaving a nice clean cut, your knife leaves large craters, and looks like a 3 year old cut them.

Incidentally the reason brownies tend to be my main go to dessert when I’m having company are:  HELLO…who doesn’t like chocolate (I only know one person, and that was because of an unfortunate incident which we won’t talk about), AND a large box of brownie mix from the grocery is under $2 and supplies dessert for a crowd

Plus, there are so many ways to “doctor” them up and make them even more scrumptious, whether with extra chocolate chips, M&M’s, peanut butter, marshmallows, or all of the above!

cut brownies, The Secret to Cutting Brownies Easily, Anyway, so my sister’s son was having a graduation party before his actual open house, and I volunteered to bring brownies.  Now I’ve tried bunches of homemade brownie recipes that promise to be be amazing, and I’ve always been disappointed.

For some reason they’re never as good as the boxed brownie mixes from the grocery.  If I ever do find a a DIY recipe that’s amazing, I promise to let you know.

For his event I bought two boxes of the store brand brownie mix, and just baked them up according to the package directions, which was enough to make around 40 brownies.

In my family, some of us are delicate bite size eaters (not me), some just like the chewy outside edge, and others like a hand sized brownie.  So when I went to cut them, I didn’t mind that they weren’t all the exact same size.  😛

Tip: if you need to stack brownies in your tupperware, just lay a piece of wax paper in between layers, and then stack another layer on top, and you won’t have any sticking.

Now the amazing, but super simple trick, to cutting brownies smoothly and cleanly is this: use a plastic disposable knife!

cut brownies, The Secret to Cutting Brownies Easily,

I don’t know why it works, but it does, and it cuts through them like butter.  I promise you, this will change your life forever!

So be sure and keep a few plastic knives in a kitchen cabinet or drawer somewhere, and remember to use one next time you bake a batch of brownies and go to cut them.  You’ll be amazed at how wonderfully it works!