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In the right setting, I can be an impulsive buyer. For the most part I am thrifty, but sometimes I let my moods sway me, and I end up buying something I want to try without considering the cost. This is what led me to purchase these.

, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking

I picked these up at a discount store in W.VA. and paid $20 (ouch, I know).
I’ve mentioned my hubby likes to eat high protein, and one way he does that is too eat hard boiled egg whites. Sooooooo I thought this would be an easy way to fix them without having to peel the hard boiled eggs. Here are my thoughts.

, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking

You can only make six eggs at a time.
Each egg requires assembling 4 pieces.
It’s a little difficult to get all the egg in the opening without some running down the side.

, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking
, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking

To get the eggs out, you have to unscrew two pieces and take the pieces apart.
When you’re done you have to wash all the pieces.

, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking
, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking

Pro: My 15 year old said they tasted better than regular hard boiled eggs.
Conclusion: In my opinion it’s easier and less trouble to just peel the eggs than to go through all these steps to avoid peeling.

My next purchase was a little more personal, so I apologize in advance. I needed a more comfortable bra,  and so at Target one day I saw this and picked it up.

, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking

This is the only picture I am showing of this product obviously. Nobody is frightening anyone around here. I believe this was $20 also for two bras.
Pros: It is very comfortable for an around the house bra.
Cons: For a larger chested woman I don’t think it gives enough support to look dressed up outside of the house; probably for a smaller chested woman it would be fine.
The pads inside move around especially when you wash it, but they aren’t too hard to get back into place.

My next three products were given to me by family members.

, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking

Target online lists this brownie pan as $19.99. I’ve used mine twice, and it is nice to have all the brownies perfectly the same size. It’s a little more trouble than a regular pan to clean, but not a big deal.

, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking

These hooks range in price from $1-$6 online, and I think I’ve even seen them at the dollar store (Sorry for my crumpled packaging).
I really like these hooks for hanging pictures that aren’t too heavy, especially since I am notorious for not using wall anchors because pounding in a nail is just too easy (Never mind, that in the middle of the night before, we have heard a loud crash and then searched the house for the reason, only to discover the next day that a picture had slid down the wall behind the couch due to my great hanging job).
Using these hooks is as easy as a twist, and they seem really secure. The package says it holds up to 35 pounds which I have not nor probably would test with that much weight, but I am pleased with how they’ve worked on what I’ve used them on.

, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking

This under the bed shoe organizer sells for between $3-$5 on amazon. I hadn’t taken mine out of the box till this week, and it is really flimsy. There isn’t any cardboard in it to keep the sides, bottom or dividers firm, so mine did not stand up very well like the one in the picture. It holds a dozen pairs of shoes, and I used mine to store out of season items.

, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking

It will keep the dust off your shoes, and it slides under the bed easily.

Hope these reviews are helpful!

, As Seen on TV Product Reviews, Joyful Homemaking


  1. I was thinking about that bra, but being a ‘healthy’ woman (LOL!) I will take your advice and not buy it. I already have enough crummy bras for wearing around the house.
    Three “As Seen on TV” items I have are a Chop Wizard, a Magic Bullet and a Ninja. I like them all! I only paid $9 for the C/W on a clearance rack. It works really well, although you still have to do some cutting to get the pieces to fit on the grate. And cleaning it is a bear and a half.
    I love my M/B and my Ninja! The little one is great for making up quick breadcrumbs, chopping nuts and making smoothies. Etc., etc. It isn’t the powerhouse they make it out to be on TV, though, but nice for little jobs. The Ninja, however, is a workhorse and really seems to do all it says.
    Thanks for your reviews! It’s nice to hear the honest scoop from a real person!

  2. Thanks for the honest reviews. I just read this to hubby.

    The only thing I have tried is the picture hanging hooks (got mine at Dollar Store). And they WORK GOOD! No, I haven’t tried super-dooper heavy frame, but one of the ones that is being used now ain’t light-weight. VERY HAPPY here.

    Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post…very original 🙂

    Visiting from Fingerprints On The Fridge party,
    Suzanne in Snowy NW Illinois today

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Margo. I’ve wondered if the “Incredible Hooks” actually work. I’ll have to give them a try.

  4. I have trouble with my brownies, often the middles don’t cooked, this would solve that problem, but it would be a pain to clean. I keep my shoes in their boxes, this would be a good idea, but I have no more space under my bed!!

    I love looking at different ideas and hearing views, of course not all these products we can get in Australia.

  5. I too have the hooks & the shoe thingy. I haven’t quite decided if I like the shoe organizer yet. We don’t have a lot of room under our bed, but but the way our closet system is configured, I put them under there – stacked…. It doesn’t quite work… As for the hooks, I got them at the Dollar Store, wondering if they would work.. but I haven’t used them yet. Great to know that they do hold up! Debated about the Brownie Pan, as I’ve seen it at Goodwill a few times… don’t think I’ll waste my money.

    Thanks for the reviews!!

  6. Thank you for the reviews! I was wondering about the geniebra. Guess I won’t spend money on that. I was also wondering about the hooks. Might buy some of those. Best of all, because of your review of the shoe organizer, I now remember where my fall/winter shoes are! I completely forgot I bought one, filled it and slid it under the bed. 🙂


  7. So great to read these because I always wonder if these things are actually good products. I saw another review of the Eggies on the Today Show and people complained that they had too many pieces to clean. It seems like you would agree with that.

    I don’t really understand the need for the brownie one, but that’s because I like the inside pieces the best!

  8. See,I love the Eggies, but I think that’s because my technique for peeling eggs sucks. I usually end up with little shells beneath my nails and it’s a mess. I don’t mind washing the parts of the stuff, it’s a lot less painful than shards of eggshell under my nails!

  9. I tried the Eggies and was not impressed. I took them back the next day. It took twice as long to boil them and they didn’t just slide right out as the commercial says they will. I probably could spray some cooking spray in them, but the time it took to put the containers together was not worth it.

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