Simple Shower and Tub Cleaner

A good homemade cleaner is worth its weight in gold. The pleasant part of bathrooms is selecting storage and accessories. The unpleasant part is cleaning them, and my distaste for cleaning showers is right up there with cleaning toilets.  So when I saw an idea on Pinterest for a homemade cleaner for showers and tubs,  I had to try it (I like to link back to the original source, but it only went to Google).

tub and shower cleaner

Not only are the ingredients so simple, but for me, the idea of using a dish wand was brilliant, since I’m usually a more tedious “spray and wipe cleaner.”

All you have to do is fill a dish wand with half vinegar and half Dawn dish liquid. Before you use it the first time, make sure you keep the wand upright so the liquid doesn’t leak out. It’s so simple to run a little water in the shower, and then scrub it down with the dish wand, rinse it well, and then take your shower.

I also used it on the tub, although after a bath, and then also gave the tub a good rinse.
It worked beautifully, and was so much quicker than my usual method of cleaning the tub and shower.
After using it a couple of times, the mixture got a little thick, but you could simply add a little water, or a bit more vinegar.
As with any cleaner, make sure to avoid getting it in your eyes, and make sure you rinse your scrubbed surface well.

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  1. This is my favorite cleaner! It’s the only thing that worked on our downstairs shower (that was so dirty I refused to use it!). I really like the scrub brushes you use!!
    Kristen @ Trial and Error Homemaking

  2. Never thought of using dish washing liquid in there…great idea! I’ll be trying that.

  3. I’ll have to try this recipe! :-)

  4. What a great idea! Have to go get one of those dishwasher brushes

  5. I use the same ingredients, but had not thought about using the dish wands. I’ll be getting some right away! Thanks!!

  6. This is a great tip! I plan on using it. I despise cleaning the shower. Hopefully, this will make the chore a bit more tolerable! I am following you and would love for you to visit me over at Posed Perfection and follow back by clicking on my “Follow Me” button. Have a blessed week!

  7. Gotta try this! I used vinegar last night to work on the yukky ‘ring’ in the toilet and it worked great!!

  8. ooohhh a dish wand, why do these ideas never just come to me? So glad there are others out there with such smarts and the heart to share!

    Marissa @

  9. Ok, question…does it get super-sudsey? I was scrubbing my shower yesterday and was extremely frustrated because there were so many suds I couldn’t rinse them all off (and I don’t think I used too much product).

    Elizabeth@Warrior Wives

  10. I use this same recipe. Have for a year or so and have seen such an improvement in how clean my shower is. Here from Titus 2 Tuesday

    • Sylvia Duran says:

      Love love LOVE it. I use it on my granite top–the best!

      • OOOhhhh….. somewhere on Pintrest I heard using vinegar on granite is a bad idea. check it out …… wish I had more info for you but I don’t have a granite counter top so didn’t spend much thought on this. I think the vinegar causes a reaction and dulls the finish or soaks in and scratches the surface… not sure : {)

        • Caroline Arens says:

          I would also like to comment! Yes, I have read in many articles that vinegar (anything acidic) is not good on natural stone surfaces!

    • Sylvia Duran says:

      Love love LOVE it. I use it on my granite top–the best!

  11. I will try this, and believe me, if it works in our tub it can be called a miracle cleaner. The tub is old and truly never looks clean, no matter how hard it’s scrubbed or what’s used. You’ve offered me a ray of hope!

  12. This seems so much faster than my usual routine. Thanks for sharing!


  13. I’ve been using this cleaner in my bathrooms for awhile but I never thought of the dish wand. GREAT idea!! Thanks.

    Coming over from Raising Homemakers link-up.

  14. I tried this too and will NEVER use anything else. I couldn’t believe how awesome it worked =)

    Visiting from Sugar Bee Crafts

  15. That dish wand idea is a good one. Found your site at the Raising homemakers link party, and can’t wait to read the posts with all the lovely pictures in the sidebar. Especially the lemon ice box cake!

  16. Hey Margo,
    I love this. I am going to have to mix up a bottle today, when I make my window cleaner. Thank you so much for sharing with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party last week. This weeks Link Party is opened at
    Hope to see you there. It is open until Sunday night.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  17. I’m going to be trying this tonight! I just replaced my dish wand today because it keeps leaking and wasting dish soap – my old one will get a new life in the shower!

  18. This is so great because it keeps my hands away from having to touch the ickiness and I can use it while others are in the bathroom. I was just denied access because of the chemical fumes. Oddly enough, the combination of vinegar and Dawn (except only a drop of Dawn) placed in a bowl is a good gnat trap! LOL That hasn’t worked as well, though. Can’t wait to try it!

  19. Hi there; I live in New Zealand and we don’t have Dawn… do you think any soap will work?

  20. Hi! I found you through Pinterest and thank goodness! I just used this on my yucky shower and it was AWESOME! I was also just using the generic Kirkland dish soap from Costco so apparently most any dish soap will work! I had tried the strongest and most awful ‘bathroom cleaners’ and none worked like this! I’m hooked! I will be heading to the store to get those wands also! Perfect idea! Thank you sooooooo much!

  21. Always looking for ways to make cleaning more simple, some great ideas here! Thanks!

  22. This sounds interesting. Can the wand be used on the glass door of the shower as well? I’m not sure how abrasive the pad of the wand is.

    • Janice Scott says:

      I used the wand on my glass shower doors and it has been the only thing I have found that took the scum off. Everything I have used before looked like it cleaned it off, until it dried and looked like it was never touched. But the vinegar and Dawn soap did the trick, no more scum build up.

  23. Found you through pinterest and I just tried it today! It was amazing!

    You can see where I linked to you oat :)

  24. There is no original source because I was the one who created the pin ( I saw the recipie for the shower cleaner on Pinterest and thought to use it in a kitchen scrub brush for easy access in the shower. I am thrilled that you blogged about it and am just having a blast seeing how many people are actually using it!

  25. I just had to stop back and say I LOVE this! I have been using for a few months now. I wipe down all my shower surfaces with it at the end of each shower (which is probably overkill, but it is SO sparkly afterwards that it is kind of addicting). I had tried every cleaner (even the super-harsh ones like The Works) in the shower at our rental house, which was disgusting when we moved in two years ago. The walls are FINALLY brightening up since I’ve started using this. Just wanted to say thanks! It works great!!

  26. Thank you for stopping by to comment! I really am enjoying it as well, it just makes cleaning the tub and shower so much easier! Now if I could just figure out how to make cleaning the toilets easier! :P

  27. I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but if you’ve studied chemistry, you’d know that the vinegar neutralizes the soap and it doesn’t work as well as if you use it alone. If you’d use the Dawn alone, it would work even better. I would recommend using the Dawn to clean with, as there is nothing better. Then, rinse the Dawn away and spray the shower with vinegar, as the acidic vinegar will cut/neutralize any of the soap residue and shine it up. Dawn is really a miracle cleaner. I use it on a wet sponge to clean mirrors, then dry with a cloth. I use it on my tub, in the toilet, and in the sink. You are only diluting the cleaning power of the Dawn by adding vinegar. Try it on it’s own and and see. You will be amazed that Dawn cleans even better on its own. It’s just simple chemistry 101.

  28. Thanks for the great tip!! I will be using this from now on.

  29. Stormie Sewart says:

    Has anyone tried this with a tiled shower?? Ive tried almost everything out there and I get these tips and grout to look clean. Were trying to hold of an regrouting the shower until we can afford it and have time for it.

  30. Rosa Marie says:

    I was told to mix 1/2 Dawn to 1/2 vinegar. But to heat the vinegar in the microwave for a minute or minute and a half first . Then pour vinegar in a spray bottle with Dawn, gentle mix by turning back and forth ( less suds that way). It is a miricle worker for sure, I tried everything to cut hard water build up. I LOVE the BRUSH IDEA!!!

  31. I also love this cleaner! It works wonders!!!!

  32. I am the owner of a maid service and we have been clean tubs ans showers this way for years.

  33. i just did this but used apple dawn, my huge Jacuzzi is sparkling! do you know why you are supposed to use blue dawn??

  34. I read a similar recipe that specified to heat the vinegar pretty hot, slowly add to the Dawn (must be “Original Blue”), then carefully agitate to mix. This will make certain the detergent is totally dissolved into solution with the vinegar. You don’t have to heat it again, just the initial step. After that, this solution has never become thick for me. It works really well. (It also helps to use a squeegy after showers to prevent the soap build-up.)

  35. I didnt see a response to the one where they were asking about tile…we have large tile (grout obviously) and not fiberglass. wondering if this works on the tile as well? I think I have read about a similar cleaner. We still use bar soap and it really creates soap scum, you can really see it on the darker tile. I guess it wouldnt hurt to try this ..thx

  36. Jennifer says:

    HOLY SOAP SUDS!! WAY too many suds! I WON’T be doing this again!

    • There is a new green cleaning products manufacturer called, they have a green cleaner that dissolves soap scum. You can look at thier web site for laboratory proof.

      I thought this group would be interested in this new product.

  37. Taylor O'Ree says:

    Is it just white wine vinegar?

  38. This definitely seems easy enough. I have both ingredients and will try this week. Always looking to simplify!

    Popping in from Oh, Mrs. Tucker!

  39. I have been using this for months and I love it!

  40. This may not work for all people trying to remove soap scum (calcium stearate and magnesium stearate). The residue on the shower wall or door could also be scale or a combination of both. A very good product that shows laboratory results is shower cleaner. I love this product, the soap scum melts off like butter.

  41. We do this too. It is such a great solution and has changed how often my shower gets cleaned.

  42. I love this tip. I actually prefer toilets to the shower… I will definitely try this!

  43. I’m going to try this, I work @ the Dollar Tree ,I will go straight to the housewares section and get those dish wand . I think it a great idea because the wand have a scrubby part on it .
    Thanks and God Bless You and Ur Family

  44. Do you have to use Dawn liquid soap. I have copd and I am allergic. Could I replace it with Palmolive original soap?

  45. I made a spray bathroom cleaner using an internet recipe of equal amounts of vinegar and distilled water, 1/2 teaspoon of Dawn, and a few drops of a lavendar or other essential oil to counteract the vinegar smell. Couldn’t smell the vinegar at all after the essential oil was added.

  46. deborah crowe says:

    How ironic! I just cleaned my tub and shower using this. It works like magic. Now off to the store to get the wand. Great idea. Thank you!

  47. Where can I find one of those brushes?

  48. I used this & it was awesome.

  49. That’s quick and easy. :) I’ll ask my wife to do this at home. Thanks for sharing. :)

  50. I love this and I have a theory that it helps keep our drain clear as well. When I don’t use it daily we end up with slow drains. When we use it daily no slow drains. I love how cheap it is, too!

  51. I actually use this in my kitchen too. The vinegar works so well on my glassware and my dishes. I do add a bit of water also.

  52. I use a mop instead of the wand. I have a tiled ceiling in my shower. It’s so much quicker this way.

  53. Maybe it was just me, but although i did love the solution for cleaning, the dang scrubbie wand thing kept leaking at the sponge end – VERY ANNOYING! I think i’ll just keep the solution and use it with a regular scrubby sponge.

    • I agree!! I was wondering what other people did to prevent the wand from leaking? It was leaking out both ends – from the spong end (if i kept it horizontal) and from the back end (if I tipped it up so the sponge end was on top). Is there a specific sponge wand that works best?? I don’t usually use them for washing dishes so I don’t know if this leakage is normal or not either! I do like the cleaning solution so far though….

      • I’m sorry you’re having this problem, I bought my wands at Walmart. I would see if you could find another brand maybe.
        I would like to see if I can find a heartier wand, if I do, I will post an update! :)

  54. The oxo brand from meijer sold by the kitchen gadgets would work great but it’s a little pricey. We bought the dawn brand dish wand and although you had to be careful when you filled it, it didn’t seem to leak when you were scrubbing with it.

  55. Hate to clean bathrooms. I would pay someone to do it, not any more! Great idea!

  56. My only concern is that the detergent would make the tub slippery for the next person who gets in it?


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