husbands nurture wives, 15 Practical Ways Husbands Can Help Nurture Their Wives, Joyful Homemaking

15 Practical Ways Husbands Can Help Nurture Their Wives

Are you a wife and mother, and feeling like a full time maid/servant/housekeeper/chauffeur etc. and etc.???  Most of the time I’d say we enjoy our calling as wives and mothers, but there are times when maybe we feel taken for granted, or just emotionally worn out, and a little encouragement, especially from our spouses, can go a long way!

Many of our husbands are hard-working, men of integrity, but they can get sidetracked by the busyness and burdens of life, or maybe they’re just wired differently, and so they either don’t think about, or they forget the little things that help make us feel cherished, and that help keep our spirits up.

Are you a husband and have no clue how to encourage and nurture your wife?

husbands nurture wives, 15 Practical Ways Husbands Can Help Nurture Their Wives, Joyful Homemaking

I’ve made a list of 15 practical ways that husbands can love on their wives.  We aren’t all the same though, so husbands, tailor them to your wife’s preferences.  🙂

  1. Serve her.  Often wives and mothers serve people all day with meals, laundry, cleaning, driving, shopping, baths…  If your wife is sitting down to relax for a few minutes, offer to get her something–a beverage, snack, lotion, a book… It’s wonderful!
  2. Hold her hand (if she likes it) when you’re sitting on the couch together, or out somewhere together.  It’s like you’re girlfriend/boyfriend again.
  3. Give her a foot rub with lotion.  This needs no explanation!  🙂  It’s amazing.
  4. Put your arm around her in church, or whenever you’re sitting together at an event, and snuggle a little.
  5. Touch base with her at least once during the day, by text, phone or email; whatever is possible with your job, to let her know she’s on your mind.
  6. Make the coffee for her (especially if you get up first).  It’s one less thing she has to do, and what a treat for her to wake up to hot brewed coffee!  🙂
  7. Surprise her with her favorite dessert.
  8. Help her with her coat, and open doors for her; it makes her feel like a special lady.
  9. After dinner, clear the table, load the dishwasher, or if you have littles, entertain the kids for her while she does the job.  Ask her what she prefers.
  10. Give her your full attention when she talks to you.  I know there are lots of distractions, but it really means so much.
  11. When company is coming, help her prepare with cleaning or cooking. It’s a lot of work!
  12. Fill her gas tank for her, and in the winter, clear off her car.  It’s the little things…
  13. Take the initiative to schedule a date night once in a while, with babysitting.
  14. Find out her love language, and use it.
  15. Pray for her, and for you both as a couple.

Printable List

husbands nurture wives, 15 Practical Ways Husbands Can Help Nurture Their Wives, Joyful Homemaking

The Bible instructs husbands to love their wives, and I think many men would be thrilled to see how their wives may blossom under their caring actions.

As wives, we should be careful though, not to make these things an idol in our lives, where we are willing to sin to get them.  Ultimately we are to look to God to meet the desires of our heart.
However, in a healthy marriage relationship, I see nothing wrong with suggesting helpful, wholesome ways to show each other love, and to nurture the relationship.

For wives, my sister has written a post on Ten Ways She Loves on Her Husband.  Check it out.   🙂


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