Fresh fruits and vegetables can be very expensive!  But since they should be part of a healthy diet, keeping them from going to waste before we can eat them is important!

, How to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresher Longer, In our house, we always keep baby carrots on hand.  Unfortunately, most of the time there is quite a bit of water in the bag with them, which makes them get mushy, and rot pretty quickly.

, How to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresher Longer,

So now, when I get them home, I like to rinse them well to get any “sliminess” off.

Then I let them drain and dry a little on a clean kitchen towel before putting them in a ziploc bag (a container would work as well).

To catch any remaining liquid, I put a folded paper towel inside the bag which can be changed if it gets soggy. The lack of excess moisture keeps them fresher longer.

This works well with peppers too, and then I put them in snack size bags for my hubby’s lunch.

A produce tip which can save you money is to buy produce on sale, and then wash and freeze it if you can’t use it all at once. Now not all produce can be successfully frozen, and still maintain its taste and appearance, but berries generally do well.

So when I saw blueberries on sale recently, I snapped them up to eat some, and freeze some. I rinsed them, let them dry, and then bagged them.

Another tip is if there’s a recipe you know you’ll use your produce for,  pre-measure them before you freeze them, so when you go to make your recipe, you’ll be ready to go.  🙂

, How to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresher Longer,