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Pizza Recipes

Growing up, we had homemade pizza every Friday night, and I was making the dough myself as a “young-in,” helping my mom in the kitchen. Her recipe is still my favorite, as the dough is light and slightly sweet, and raises up so nice for a great thick crust. Since this week has been crazy busy, with unpacking from our visit to my parents house last week, getting my oldest ready for a missions trip, and whipping the house into shape for a visit from my mother-in-law this weekend, I decided to dig into my past posts and show my favorite pizza recipes. Just click on the links or pictures to get the recipes!

Pizza Recipes, Pizza Recipes,

Fabulous Pizza Dough and Stromboli Recipe

Pizza Recipes, Pizza Recipes,

Taco Pizza

Pizza Recipes, Pizza Recipes,

Garlic Butter, Chicken, Vegetable and Feta Cheese PizzaPizza Recipes, Pizza Recipes,

Pizza Bread Salad

Hope this gives you some good ideas or maybe a new favorite! Would love to hear from you, what are your favorite pizza toppings?