Years ago on tv, I saw a child having a great time riding an interesting looking contraption throughout her house, and it was powered by her just moving her feet back and forth.  I had to find out what it was, and after some research, I found out it was called an Ezyroller.  At the time, my two youngest hadn’t mastered a bicycle yet, although now, thankfully they are both successful bike riders, and I thought this might be a really fun and easy alternative in the meantime.  I purchased one first just to make sure it was something they would like, and I would be happy with, and it was such a success, I quickly purchased another one.

, Super Fun Ezyroller for Kids,

The Ezyroller comes in lots of colors, and in my opinion is such a good investment, because they are extendable for different ages and different size kids.  Amazon recommends them for kid’s ages 4-14. I can’t tell you how many hours of fun my children have gotten out of them, and how many games they’ve created to play with them.  After tons of use, we’ve only had to replace the tires on one of them, and the replacement wheels are very inexpensive at less than $15.

, Super Fun Ezyroller for Kids, These are ridiculously simple to ride, and a child gets them moving by just pushing the bar in front, back and forth with their feet.  Everyone that stops by our house and sees them, seems to be fascinated with them!

We’ve had these for years, and I purchased them myself, but we have enjoyed them so much that I had to share them with you, particularly with Christmas coming, as it would make such a fun gift.

, Super Fun Ezyroller for Kids,

Even though my kids are older now, they still use them!  We use them outside when the weather is nice, and downstairs in the basement, in the winter.

, Super Fun Ezyroller for Kids, If you’re looking for an active and entertaining gift idea, try out the Ezyroller!
Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and always supervise your child.