5 of my Favorite Organizational Tools

Most people think I am so organized, but really I am constantly on a quest to not just seem organized but to actually be organized. There are a few items that have really been helpful for me in this regard.

, 5 of my Favorite Organizational Tools, Joyful Homemaking

The first one is a dry erase board on my refrigerator.


, 5 of my Favorite Organizational Tools, Joyful Homemaking

Actually I have two, but the one I use all the time is for grocery items. When we run low or out of something,  we write it on the grocery board. It’s really simple, but it has cut down on our trips to the grocery for one or two items which always leads to leaving the store with five or ten items! I used to grab a scrap piece of paper to jot down a quick item to remember, but often the paper would get misplaced, so this works well. Also, the other family members know exactly where the list is when they want to add something. Then when I make my weekly menu and grocery list, I just add my items from the board.

, 5 of my Favorite Organizational Tools, Joyful Homemaking
My second item is a purse organizer insert that you can lift in and out when you change purses.

I was constantly changing purses and just grabbing a few necessities out of the current purse and leaving the rest. Inevitably, I would leave something behind that I needed. I first bought an expensive one online that ended up too big for many of my purses. Then one day while shopping on vacation, I found a two pack of these for 10$ at a kitchen store in one of those “as seen on t.v.” sections. It really is an ingenious item for keeping things organized in your purse, and for having everything you need when you switch purses!

, 5 of my Favorite Organizational Tools, Joyful Homemaking
My other must have item is my household notebook.

I just started this about a year ago, and I really don’t know how I managed without it for 21 years of marriage.

, 5 of my Favorite Organizational Tools, Joyful Homemaking

It’s just a three ring binder with tabs that helps me consolidate important information that I need to run my household. The categories in my notebook are:
Budget-which holds my checkbook and account information and also my budget categories and balances
To Do-which has my larger “to do”  items listed
Menu-for my weekly meal plan and also meal ideas
Gift List-where I can keep track of what I have already bought for birthdays and Christmas
Home and Car Maintenance-to keep track of when we replace or fix certain items
Diary-to right down cute or important things the kids say to put in their baby books later
Blog-for blog ideas, linky parties…
Passwords-for my various online passwords
I use this binder everyday, and it’s a great tool that can be personalized to fit anyone’s home management needs.

, 5 of my Favorite Organizational Tools, Joyful Homemaking
 Next is this file folder basket that sits on my kitchen counter, which helps deal with the mail clutter immediately when it comes into the house.
My hubby has his own file here so he know where to look for things that need his attention. The other categories I use here are: coupons, medical, receipts, bills and to file. Some of these items have to be filed later in our file cabinet, but for the quick sort this works very well, and keeps things from piling up somewhere.
, 5 of my Favorite Organizational Tools, Joyful Homemaking
My fifth must have organizational tool is my daily planner.

They come in so many different styles, but this is the one that works the best for me.  I use this for smaller daily jobs that need to be done immediately, and for upcoming appointments in conjunction with my wall calendar.
I am really learning as I get older (and wish I had realized 20 years ago) that organization pays off in so many ways, from the ease of finding things, avoiding late fees, having information available when it’s needed and even to saving money. It is so worth the small amount of effort that initially goes into it.
Hope this is helpful!


  1. Good system. This year I started a “mom folder” for ME. Kind of household info keeper, kind of planner, definitely has been a life saver for the last couple of months.
    Your dry erase board idea is wonderful, and I am searching for a purse organizer, but what caught my eye today is that picture of your cubby shelves in the header–SO NICE!
    Thanks for sharing and explaining what works for you–that HELPS. 🙂

  2. Love this post! I’ve been trying to get myself a binder together for years now…I think I need to just do it.

  3. Good job…lots of good organization! love the purse organizer. I use a spiral bound notebook for my brain, I mean a way to keep organized. I take it with me shopping. It was a Laura idea last year! She’s kept me going after 33+ years of being married and keeping house! Never too old to learn something new to help. I homeschooled our 2 children years ago and enjoyed it and they are now adults, doing pretty good in life. Take care!

  4. Very interesting! Being organized saves time. I am a new Follower from the Meet Me Monday Blog Hop.

  5. I bought those Purse insert thingies – I got 2 in the pack, I turned the large one inside out (so pockets are on the outside) and put the smaller one into the larger – I now have way more packet than I need but since my pursed has none, it is great!

  6. Love your ideas & will be stealing them for sure. The to lists for you & hubby is great. So need that for us. Also love the files right on the counter idea. I always put mine in our roll top desk & than out of sight out of mind for me. Needless to say bills go unpaid sometimes or paid late. Not with that idea!

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