Dresser Redo

My husband and I received a bedroom set when we got married 24 years ago, that was already probably 25 years old, and  we still have one dresser left from that set. Needless to say, it’s not an up-to-date looking addition to our home decor, and so it had been relegated to the basement. After looking for months though, for a piece of furniture that was the right size to fit in my entryway, and not finding any, I decided to make over this dresser to put in my foyer.

painting a dresser, Dresser Redo, Joyful Homemaking

My hubby had already changed out the hardware a few years ago, in an
attempt to update it some, but it still needed help!

painting a dresser, Dresser Redo, Joyful Homemaking

We have lots of reddish accents throughout our house, and so I looked for a paint
color that would give this piece some bold color too.

painting a dresser, Dresser Redo, Joyful Homemaking I picked a paint and primer-in-one semi-gloss that was called “Red Delicious.”
I had full intentions of putting at least three coats on, to make the piece dark and deep.

painting a dresser, Dresser Redo, Joyful Homemaking
But…after starting to paint,
I really liked how it looked with the wood grain bleeding through.
So I went over it a tiny bit to make sure my strokes were even
(as opposed to a quick first coat),
in case I decided to leave it as is.

painting a dresser, Dresser Redo, Joyful HomemakingAaaaaaaaaaand I liked it so much, I left it that way.
However, I decided NOT to use it in the entry,
and instead to use it to hold the tv in our living room.
(We have picked out tile to redo that dated floor…I can’t wait!)

painting a dresser, Dresser Redo, Joyful HomemakingI am luuuuuuuuuuving it! It complements all the other colors going on,
and now the kids can store all their dvd’s in the drawers.
(See that old brown trim…I have purchased the primer and paint to give it a fresh white coat,
which I’m hoping will spruce up my living room even more.)

painting a dresser, Dresser Redo, Joyful HomemakingDon’t you just get so excited over projects that cost so little, but give so much impact!?
Gotta love paint!


  1. This turned out really well. I love the red! I have a really old dresser – currently being used by my one of my kids but he doesn’t necessarily need it – he has some other drawers built into his bed. I am thinking I might do this as I would like to get rid of this really large outdated entertainment stand we have that is for an old style TV.

  2. This color looks great and really gave the dresser a new look. I have wondered how difficult it could be to do something like this, now I feel confident that this is a project I could tackle… if I can just find some extra time and the perfect shade for my dresser.

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