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When my husband and I were first married, I bought lots of plants to decorate our tiny apartment, mostly ferns and spider plants. My mother has a complete green thumb, and while growing up, we always had gorgeous full ferns and trails of ivy inside, and outside, amazing rhododendrons and azaleas. So I just assumed it would be easy for me to have a home full of lush green plants, well guess what, all my plants died, and I was so disheartened, that I didn't have another houseplant for a long long time.

A few years ago, I learned that my mom fed her plants and used Miracle-Gro
and to this day she has the healthiest indoor plants, and the most beautiful gardens of flowers, that give so much loveliness and joy.

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This is just one of the beautiful gardens that she and my dad have created, and they've planted lots of fruit trees,  berry bushes, kiwi plants and grape vines too.  So you can see they are a total inspiration to their kids to enjoy growing and gardening, and now I know that it's not just her special love and care for the plants that make them blossom, but also the feeding, watering and plant food like Miracle-Gro.

My father bought me two blueberry bushes, and I used Miracle-Gro soil to plant them, and they have survived deer and bunny nibbling, and an inadvertent lawn mower "attack."   So while I'm not the gardener my mother is, I'm learning how to better take care of plants with some help from Miracle-Gro.
Growing and nurturing plants brings memories, relaxation and beauty. 
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