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I love a clean refrigerator, of course who doesn’t, right? Before I go grocery shopping, I like to give my refrigerator a quick clean up before I load it back down with my purchases. It’s the ideal time.

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I have been known to clean a family member or two’s fridge. A few weeks ago I couldn’t resist tackling such a fridge with permission from such a loved one who wishes to remain anonymous (Big smile).

, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking

This is the before shot of said refrigerator, and in all fairness, if you come to visit this person, she always has food on hand to prepare you something yummy and delicious.
Incidentally, she has a side by side refrigerator, and I’ve always wanted one, but when we bought our home, the space allotted for the refrigerator was not wide enough. However, all the people I know that have one seem to be disappointed by the narrow freezer, so I am curious as to what your preferences are?
Ok back to cleaning the fridge…

First, I disposed of the expired items, then I gave the shelves and inside a wipe down with hot soapy water, and then grouped like items together.

, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking

All the cream cheeses and jellies went together, and salad dressings and condiments.

, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking

The doors actually look fuller, but since like items are grouped together things should be easy to find.

, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking
Produce in the bottom crisper drawers
, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking
It’s much more functional and efficient now, and I think it was appreciated.
I added to a spot in my kitchen this week to help my outside refrigerator clutter as it was getting crazy.
, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking

We had an empty back of the pantry door spot, so I utilized the unclaimed space.
, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking I hung up my new pretty message board and a cork board to hold my schedule and phone numbers etc…

, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking
Not glamorous, but a bit neater and functional.
Another way we keep things organized in the kitchen is with this key holder.
, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking
My oldest son made this in vacation Bible school years ago, and I just love it because we always know where our keys are, and it has a notepad and pencil for phone messages. A place for keys close to your entrance is so helpful.
, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking

I’ve mentioned this before, but this file folder caddy is so handy, and it sits on my kitchen counter for a quick mail sort.

Hope you find some helpful tips!
, Kitchen Organizing, Joyful Homemaking


  1. I hate side by side fridges! The freezers are so narrow it’s hard to get pizzas in there. I like to decorate cakes and it always frustrates me trying to fit them into side by side fridges or freezers.

  2. Love what you do…just amazing. Don’t mind my side by side…it is narrow but seems like I don’t forget about things way to the back like I did in my other freezer. I am trying to save grocery money for my family of 5…I do menu planning and it is great, but do you have any tips for saving money on snacks and those in-between meals three growing kids might need? I am not doing a good job in this dept. I appreciate your time 🙂 Thanks.

    1. I used to do better about saving money on groceries by couponing a lot. Lately life is so hectic that I have all but abandoned my coupons, and I tend to rely on buying in bulk, stocking up on sales and making fewer trips to the grocery store to save money. I think just making sure there is food in the house saves money because it makes it less tempting to spend money eating out. This is a great article I came across on saving money on groceries:
      Hope this is helpful.

  3. PLEASE COME TO MY HOUSE! I need some guidance. 🙂 Awesome idea on the mail sorter! I need to implement that into our household ASAP!

  4. Hey there, do I know the person that had such a messy refrigerator or is it just a reminder of my own, we will never tell. The makeover looks great. Wish you would come do mine, wait a minute, I just did mine today.

  5. This is such a great post with lots of good ideas! We just moved into our new home so it’s like a clean slate for us! Our new fridge has the regular freezer on top but is much bigger than our apartment refrigerator- so I am enjoying more space! – Nicole at Working Kansas Homemaker

  6. HATE side-by-side fridges. They are way to narrow to fit anything big in like pizza box or to find room for a turkey at Thanksgiving. I like the models that have the freezer on the bottom.

  7. I know how the fridge can get in my house, it needs to be cleaned out once a week or more, thanks for the advice. Your blog is so creative. I think you have a wonderful blog, I’m now following you on Linky and GFC. I would like to invite you to stop by my blog and share this at my Party the Sunday Round UP. @

  8. Our side by side fridge is not huge, but it sure has more space than the little apartment freezers above the fridge. PS, I LOVE the idea to clean the fridge a little right before you go shopping. I should have thought of that years ago.:)

  9. Now there’s a business possibility — cleaning refrigerators! Thanks for the tips — and I second having a keyholder that is convenient. Has saved many hours of hunting and moaning and groaning! I would love it if you would consider linking to Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy, a Sunday through Thursday link party for ideas that make life easier, better and more fun!

  10. You got it! A clean fridge is the basis for a functional kitchen. I usually hit mine up with a good wipe down and rearranging before the milkman comes on Wednesdays. That’s when I have the fewest milk jugs and eggs in residence. It just keeps me sane! I’m linking up with Linky and Follower… visiting from I Should Be Mopping The Floors.

  11. Hi Margo — thanks for sharing this organizing project at Craft Junkie Too. It’s part of our Featured Favorites on this week’s party so stop by to check it out and maybe grab the featured me button. Thanks again and have a great week-end! 🙂

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