My Top 10 Ways to Relax

I’m sure you know already 😉  that life today can be very stressful, and that stress can lead to many diseases as well as a painful mental state such as anxiety and worry.  Add to that the constant assault of noise, traffic, busyness, clutter and demands and it only intensifies the effects.

So whether you work out of the home or inside the home, or both, it’s so important to be able to include some time to decompress, calm down and “chill” for a while.  I KNOW it’s not easy making time, and that some seasons of life don’t allow for it much, but when you can, it’s so important to make the time.

Some people are energized by being around other people, and for others it wears them out, so only you know what is relaxing and profitable for you personally.

I WISH I was the type of person who was relaxed by exercising like my husband is, but I haven’t gotten to that point yet, although my body wishes I would get there. 😛   For ME relaxing is just that, RELAXING.

So here you go, my top 10 favorite ways to relax, not in any particular order:

top 10 ways to relax, My Top 10 Ways to Relax, Joyful Homemaking

  • Make a cup of decaf coffee or hot cocoa, put my feet up, and read my Bible, one of my favorite encouraging books, or from a huge pile of books or magazines from the library.
  • Fill my tub almost to the brim, add lots of bubble bath, and soak while watching something entertaining on my iPad on Netflix.

top 10 ways to relax, My Top 10 Ways to Relax, Joyful Homemaking

  • Snuggle up with my hubby on the couch.
  • Snuggle up with my kids while they’re watching something on tv or reading a book.
  • Toasting my feet in front of the fireplace. Only winter time allows for this, but in the summer, it’s rocking in my rocking chair on the patio when everything’s quiet.
  • Napping. That of course is my epitome of relaxing.  🙂
  • Swinging in the hammock in the shade. Only summer time allows for this. When it’s 7 degrees outside, not an option.  😛
  • LEISURELY  browsing the grocery or T.J. Max or HomeGoods, when I’m not in any hurry and I’m alone. Most of the time I’m rushed, so when I can take my time, it’s wonderful.
  • Laying down and listening to a book on tape or soft music.  I’m NOT a loud music person, it just is stressful to me.  😛
  • Leaving my kids with my sister, and having the house to myself for a time.  Since I homeschool and my oldest is commuting to college from home, I’m almost NEVER home alone, and I love to have the house to myself and putter around once in awhile.

Even when I’m not doing one of these top 10, and I’m working around the house or teaching my children, it helps my mood to be in comfortable clothing or even  jammies, and with my cozy fuzzy socks on, and to keep some measure of tidiness around the house.

Everyone’s ideas of what is relaxing is probably a little different, and in the comments section, I’d love to hear the ways you like to relax. Maybe we can give each other some new ideas!


  1. I LOVE having the house to myself – especially as we homeschool, there is hardly any time to just BE in the house. Love it 🙂 Also love a cup of tea and an uninterrupted Bible read…

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