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Post It Note Holder

I saw this adorable idea at Paper Wings and just fell in love with it. It makes such an appealing little display for post it notes, and it’s easy, fun, inexpensive and simple to coordinate with any decor, person or holiday.

, Post It Note Holder, Joyful Homemaking
So cute for a little boy’s desk…
, Post It Note Holder, Joyful Homemaking
or a girl’s or mom’s desk.

These are a piece of cake to make, and here is what you need:

  • Plastic photo stand (from Walmart, Target or Dollar Store…)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Ribbon, twine or stickers
  • Post-its
  • Double sided craft tape or craft glue (optional)
, Post It Note Holder, Joyful Homemaking

You could also make these with the magnetic plastic frames to hang on the refrigerator maybe for a grocery list.

, Post It Note Holder, Joyful Homemaking

Cut out your scrapbook paper the same size as the paper insert from the frame, and then slide it in your frame.

, Post It Note Holder, Joyful Homemaking

If you want to dress it up some, just tie some ribbon around it with a tag and the person’s name or whatever you’d like it to say, and attach your sticky notes. If you need too, you can always reinforce it with some tape or craft glue, but I didn’t need too.

, Post It Note Holder, Joyful Homemaking


, Post It Note Holder, Joyful Homemaking


, Post It Note Holder, Joyful Homemaking

There you have it, so easy right?  These would make cute gifts for many occasions.


  1. I love it! Today, I am going to start tackling my office space, AKA the other half of my bedroom. Maybe I can treat myself to one of these when I am finished.

  2. Yours turned out super cute! I’m loving the paper and elements that you chose! Just too cute!


  3. What an amazing idea! So cute and my kids would love one all their own:) Thanks for sharing the tutorial, you make it look so easy!
    New Follower!
    ~Jen @ Frazzled Five

  4. Saw you at Organize With Sandy. I have got to try to make some of these post it holders! I really like the one with bugs and bright blue post it notes. 🙂

  5. OO I want to make this! Much more cute than them just sitting on a desk or in a drawer! Great job! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m your newest follower.
    Stay crafty x0x0

  6. So pretty and functional! Thank you for the inspiration. Would make a lovely teacher gift. Can’t get enough of papercrafing!

    come by my blog sometime and visit! Cheers,


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