Random Acts of Tidiness

This week was the week to finally tackle the kid’s clothing that was pushing out of their dressers and switch out the seasonal clothing. I don’t know how, but over the course of one season their stash seems to grow in leaps and bounds. I know when my little guys armoire doors won’t shut, it’s time to purge.

, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking

I took everything out, and sorted out what was too small, and  what needed to be put away till next summer.

, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking

For some reason it’s so emotional for me to pass on the outgrown clothing… It’s hard to realize that stage of having babies is over (even though my baby is six), and that my children are growing up. I do save a few special items of their clothing from each stage. My mom kept a little white dress of mine from when I was a baby, and I always liked looking at it, till they had a house fire.
Anyway, after I put back my son’s clothes for this winter season,  his doors were able to close easily.

, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking

I’m sure it won’t stay this way, because he feels like a big guy when he puts his own laundry away, but just by reducing the volume, it has to be much easier to keep things orderly.
My brown eyed girl’s clothes were  climbing out of her dresser also, so I purged a bunch she will be too big for next summer (so sad).

, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking

Now it will be easier for her to put her clothes away without having to stuff things in the drawers.

, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking


, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking

Also, in the kitchen my freezer needed some attention, as I have neglected it of late, so close your eyes if you can’t bear to look.

, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking

Crazy, I know! After weeding through and wiping down, it was much more presentable!

, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking

Now I at least know where every thing is at, and what I actually have on hand. While I was in the kitchen I also cleaned out a cabinet that I very rarely use except to grab a seasoning out of. Here is the before shot.

, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking

I found too many expired items which I purged. I need to be more careful about rotating and keeping up with things because I really hate to waste anything. Afterwards my cupboard looked quite bare,

, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking

but much better. So that was my organizing for this week! I’m an Organizing Junkie’s 52 week challenge has been so helpful for my motivation this year. I know my hubby is enjoying the benefits as well, as clutter tends to add stress, so hopefully this is reducing our stress level!

Here are a couple of links that have helpful tips on storing clothing:
 About(dot)com and Mama’s Laundry Talk.
Here is an article on the definitions of “sell by, best if used by, use-by” and closed or coded dates.
Hope this is helpful!

, Random Acts of Tidiness, Joyful Homemaking


  1. I finally went through my closets and purged the clothes I won’t magically shrink into overnight. It’s been way too long because I took 10 bags of stuff to Goodwill. Yikes!

  2. I love getting little things done around the house! The kids drawers are so neat you have inspired me Im off to organize my drawers.

  3. I’ve been thinking about getting to my spices. Did you find any that weren’t expired but you haven’t used? I think I’ve bought spices for a specific recipe in the past and then never touched them again. Do you have a plan to make sure you use the spices you kept?

  4. I’ve purged like that… so stuff looks ‘naked & empty’ One thing that might help your little guys keep stuff organized & make them feel more grown up is labled baskets/boxes for their clothes in their armoire. I know my son liked his stuff to look neat, but when he pulled a shirt from the bottom of the stack it ended up being a mess. Containerizing has helped him.

    Great job in the kitchen.

  5. Great job! I have a tendency to overbuy on clothes and got a hanging “days of the week” organizer. It really helps me keep perspective that if there are still clothes in the drawers AND in the organizer, he’s obviously got enough clothes! 🙂

  6. Hi Margo, I am visiting from Dittle Dattle. When I saw your pic with the freezer I thought, oh, a kindred spirit. Maybe she will inspire me and You did! I love your blog and how so much content points to Jesus. I am now following you.

  7. I am really going to continue loving your blog…decluttering is something we all need to do. In fact, I have been doing just that for the past few days. I go in fits and starts, and can always use more ideas and inspiration. I have joined your followers list and invite you to join my followers list; as well,I hope you will grab a blog button. Hugs, Gayle

  8. I just cleaned out my fridge & freezer & organized my cabinet that held tea/coffee stuff. I actually made a tray & put all the regularly used items on it so I can easily pull out the tray when I need it and put it back when I;m done. Doesn’t it feel so good to be able to find what you need? Great job.

  9. I have difficulty parting with the littlest clothes as well; I saved only a few favorites for the grandchildren. I did save all the sports t-shirts to make each a t-shirt throw blanket; most success when using a fusible stabilizer to the usable area of the shirts first, then cutting & sewing.

    When I was a child I wore hand-me-downs of many family members that were just a part of the “closet stash” @ the cabin. One of my favorites was the old pendleton “49’er jacket” that was new to my grandma in the 40’s. I was surprised to learn it is still being made, with only the colors changing a bit today. SO maybe there are a few stylish clothes you should keep even of your own that your kids will enjoy one day!

  10. Great job on the organization!

    Reading about your clothing situation reminds me that I need to do the same with my kids clothes, especially my four year old. She is a clothes hoarder, so I may need to do it while she is preschool!

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