Recent Thrifty Finds

My sister and I like to visit a thrift store in our area during the time they get rid of their old inventory to make room for new inventory and everything is 75% off its ticketed price. We are always able to find some pleasing deals. Here are a few things from our latest trip:

, Recent Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking
This wine rack was $5, and I am going to use it to hold rolled towels in the bathroom like I’ve seen people do on Pinterest, for function and decor.
, Recent Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking
I think I may put this pretty shovel, which I bought for $1, by my fireplace to fancy it up a bit.
, Recent Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking
This dainty candle holder was less than a dollar, and I enjoy burning candles this time of year.
, Recent Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking

I am not sure the original purpose of this expandable. I seem to think my mom had one when I was growing up that had pegs on it, and she hung her coffee mugs on it. However, I have also seen these used to hold rolled up towels. Any other ideas?

, Recent Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking
This plate and stand was less than a dollar as well, and I loved the color for my kitchen, but I bought it because the house in the picture looked just like the house my husband grew up in, and I had to show him!
, Recent Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking

Not terribly exciting, but this little organizer for my spices was just a few cents, much less expensive than a regular store.

, Recent Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking
You may have seen these darling bowls on some of my recipe posts!  They were delicate and elegant, and even though they only had four, I felt compelled to buy them for about $1.
So there are my favorites from my last bargain hunting trip. Hope you are finding some great deals your way as well!
, Recent Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking


  1. I remember my mom or someone in the family have one of those expandable things! I have no idea what it was used for…if anything. haha. What store do you and Carrie go to??

  2. Not sure of the size but the expandable looks like a wooden wine rack. Could use it for rolling pins or bottles.

  3. The expandable also looks like a wine rack to me. It does look a fun find whatever the use! I like the shovel. Stopping by from Frugal Friday.

  4. The wine rack will make a great wall display and a great place for rolled up towels. I did this in our previous home and it made a great wall statement. Decor and function in one. 🙂

  5. Great finds!! I need to go shoping with you. There aren’t any stores around here where you can get great deals like that!! Love the towel rack!!

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