The Laundry "Room"

My laundry room is not really a room at all; it’s really a hallway to the garage and to the basement stairs.  As a result it needs to stay tidy, and I can’t leave piles of laundry on the floor because we need to walk through, and so does anyone else who is going to our garage or basement. I guess that keeps me on top of the laundry, but it is a minor frustration that I can’t just toss laundry in and shut the door. It is pretty plain looking, and the cupboard for my linens also needed some weeding, so I decided to try and spruce up the place this week.
Here is what it looked like before I started.

, The Laundry "Room", Joyful Homemaking

I didn’t have a lot of time, with overnight company last week and this week, and possibly next week, so I chose to do a few quick improvements.  The first wasn’t so noticeable but it was really needed.
I tackled the linen cupboards.

, The Laundry "Room", Joyful Homemaking

They were overflowing mostly with things I don’t really use at the moment: table runners, mismatched sheets, and table cloths, and they had gotten shoved in sloppily.

, The Laundry "Room", Joyful Homemaking

I purged a large pile to recycle.

, The Laundry "Room", Joyful Homemaking

It looks so much better after!

I had bought some pictures two weeks ago at a yard sale for a quarter a piece. Two of the frames needed a little spray paint.

, The Laundry "Room", Joyful Homemaking

This is the color they were before I painted them.

, The Laundry "Room", Joyful Homemaking

I used a caramel latte metallic paint.

, The Laundry "Room", Joyful Homemaking

Here is what they looked like all done and hanging on the wall in my laundry “room.”

, The Laundry "Room", Joyful Homemaking

I bought a valence for $10, and hung up my other $.25 picture, and here is my laundry looking a little spiffier!

, The Laundry "Room", Joyful Homemaking

For “Part Two” I’d like to paint the trim white, and my husband and I have laminate wood flooring that matches the rest of the house, that we want to put down in here.

Blessings, Margo


  1. Pretty touches you’ve added. And nice to think about the neat space behind those cabinet doors, isn’t it?

  2. I *heart* quick easy projects like this that make such a difference in my every day! Nothing like spiffing up the laundry area to make you want to actually be in there more. LOL It looks great for just being your ‘part 1’!

  3. Laundry is always a little easier to do in a pretty space, right? I can’t wait to get around to doing my laundry room! Good luck with part 2!

  4. Love it! It makes me happy when a cheap garage sale find works out so perfectly. 🙂

    My laundry room is high on my list of needing major organization soon. I have an actual room, but no windows, so it’s pretty drab. And right now, there are two piles of clothes on the floor– one folded, one not. The not folded are actually in a basket on the floor…. though it’s hard to tell! Ughhh. I need to tackle that this week!

    I’d love to have you join me each week for Tossed It Tuesday— a weekly check-in on what we’ve decluttered each week.

  5. I like what you did. We are working on ours too. It’s not a walk through but spruce it up to make more enjoyable.

  6. Very nice! My laundry room is doubling as a storage room right now, but we’re making plans to change that soon. I can’t wait to make mine more enjoyable as well! 🙂 Amazing what a big difference a few little items can make! Your room looks nice! 🙂
    Have a blessed day!

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