, Weekly Web Favorites, Joyful Homemaking
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Weekly Web Favorites

The “web” is such an amazing resource for information, entertainment, socializing and sharing, and I have some great links to share with you!

, Weekly Web Favorites, Joyful Homemaking

First up is this GORGEOUS playroom from At Home with Natalie!

, Weekly Web Favorites, Joyful Homemaking
I wish my children were still little enough to have a precious playroom like this!  With a play kitchen, store, and puppet stand, and lots of room for creativity and storage, it can give you a bunch of fun ideas to create a happy space for your little ones!

Do you love popcorn at your house? My youngest son eats it almost every day for a snack!  😛
All You has a list of 17 Delicious DIY Popcorn Toppings.  With ideas like caramel, bacon and cayenne, there is sure to be a topping to please ANYBODY!  Yum!

One blog that I’ve subscribed to for a long time is Thrifty Decor Chick, I think she has the “decorating gene” that my sister and mom were born with, but alas, I was not.  😛  She has turned her pantry door into a beautiful accessory in her kitchen,

, Weekly Web Favorites, Joyful Homemakingand has found the cutest labels to keep track of perishables. She also has a post about decorating the tops of your kitchen cabinets with really inexpensive things, like turning a placemat into a picture, and it looks gorgeous!

, Weekly Web Favorites, Joyful Homemaking

Speaking of my sister’s decorative gene…You have to check out this closet that her and her handy hubby turned into a beautiful desk/office space, right off their kitchen and dining area!

All You has some of the best round ups, and their list of Treats You Can Make with Circus Animal Cookies is no exception. You know, those cute little white and pink animal shaped cookies with colored sprinkles that smell so good…

, Weekly Web Favorites, Joyful Homemaking

One of the recipes they feature is Frosted Animal Cookie Muddy Buddies by Inside Bru Crew Life. My kids would go N.U.T.S. over this treat, I may or may not also…

Since many of us have children going back to school, with activities afterwards, some ready made freezer meals is a great idea.

, Weekly Web Favorites, Joyful Homemaking
This simple recipe for Make Ahead Freezer Beef Burritos looks right up my alley! I love that Cupcakes and Crinoline gives the reheating tips as well, and with only 4 basic ingredients, you’ll have these whipped up in no time!

Make sure in this busy season of the year to take one day at a time, that’s all we can do anyway, and focus on the moments, that’s what life is made of.  🙂

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