cozy home, 15+ Accessories for a Cozy Home, Joyful Homemaking

15+ Accessories for a Cozy Home

There is no other place I’d rather spend most of my time, than my home, and  I think I’ve procreated a bunch of “homebodies” as well.  😛  I know people who travel all the time, and that just doesn’t appeal to me.  Sure, once in a while I like to vacation with my family and friends somewhere, but most of all, I love being home.  My home is my warm, cozy, personal space, and I’m always looking for ways to make it even more so.

As I think about what makes a cozy home space, of course I want my family close, 🙂  but I also think of specific accessories, that to me exude comfortable and cozy, and that help in creating a positive family mood.

cozy home, 15+ Accessories for a Cozy Home, Joyful Homemaking

    • Lots of super soft, plush throws and blankets.
    • Bring in greenery
    • Add natural, organic looking elements through artwork, flower arrangements, plants or baskets.
    • Comfortable furniture
    • Intimate seating arrangements foster togetherness.
    • Soft, warm lighting
    • Lamps, string lights and candles create a more inviting space.
    • One of my favorite accessories is soft or fuzzy plush rugs.
    • Even though whites and neutral colors can be warm and inviting, generally adding warmer colors like certain shades of reds, golds and browns, can help make a room more “friendly” and cozy.
    • Window treatments can definitely help in creating a more restful, snug atmosphere.
    • Personal photos and artwork can encourage the mood of a space.
    • A hallmark of comfy cozy spaces are lots of pillows.
    • Natural baskets for storage of pillows and blankets
    • Having bookcases and reading nooks are very inviting.
    • Purge clutter and go for simple decor

And there you have it, my thoughts on accessories that help to create cozy spaces in your home, where you and your family will desire to hang out and create memories.

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  1. Those are some wonderful ideas! I can not wait to add in a few when we get out cabin finished! I really want that kind of space in our living room.

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