Eggs are so versatile and usually inexpensive, and so they make a great breakfast, lunch or dinner menu option!
We go through lots of eggs at our house. I’ve mentioned before that my hubby likes to eat lots of lean protein, so we buy the boxed egg whites, and regular whole eggs. I was looking at yet another egg recipe the other day in a cookbook, and realized I already have posted several recipes with eggs as a main ingredient on here, so I decided to to do a collection post on them.
, Eggs, Glorious Eggs,

So here goes…

, Eggs, Glorious Eggs, Quiche with Hash Brown Crust

, Eggs, Glorious Eggs, Fettucini Carbonara

, Eggs, Glorious Eggs,

Biscuit and Egg Puffs

, Eggs, Glorious Eggs, Breakfast Sandwich

, Eggs, Glorious Eggs, Baked French Toast with Caramel Glaze

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