Do you struggle with technology?  I know I do!  I was one of the last ones in my family to get a computer and email!   When I look back on that time in my life, in some ways it was sure a lot simpler, without email, Facebook, Instagram, texting etc…  However, I really do appreciate the benefits of technology, like digital photography, spell check, Face-Time, and yes even the various social medias and apps.  BUT, at heart, I’m a paper and pen kind of gal.  In this day and age where a lot of people use apps on their phone for lists and reminders…

I keep my budget in a binder on graph paper.

My daily planner is a notebook on my kitchen countertop.

My grocery list and menu plan goes in a notebook.

I have sticky notes everywhere for reminders.

For me it’s easier, I don’t have to navigate through a computer or app on my phone, and  I don’t have to worry about a virus and something crashing, or not saving properly.  I can write IT down, and it calms me and keeps me organized.   🙂

So if you happen to be like me, I’ve compiled 25 free helpful homemaking printables!

Some of the printables are ones I’ve created, and some are from my “Think Tank Thursday” link up party.

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

So here we go:

  1.  Keep Track of Your Passwords Printable

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, This is a must, so you don’t go nuts trying to remember all your various passwords, especially since you’re supposed to change them often to keep your accounts safe.  I’ve seen those little password books you can buy in a store, and they are teeny tiny!  I like nice full size pages, so that I can write without cramming all the information into a tiny space.

2.  Free Christmas List Printable

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,
It’s about that time of year to start thinking and planning for Christmas, and if you have a bunch of people you give to, it’s so helpful to have a place to keep track of it all.

3.  Free Printable for Coffee Buddies from Home Cooking Memories

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, Do you have a coffee buddy or a coffee station?  This would be cute framed!

4. Fall Verse Printable

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

Here’s an encouraging verse that would look beautiful in a frame.

5. Mason Jar Coloring Page Fall Printable from The Country Chic Cottage

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, Coloring pages are SO popular right now, and here’s a fall themed one!

6. Thanksgiving Printable

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

This thanksgiving printable could be a pretty part of your Thanksgiving decor!

7. Weekly and Daily Planning Printables from Dreaming of the Country

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, If you don’t have a regular daily planner, here are some free printable pages to keep you organized.   🙂

8. Weekly Planner Printable from Simple Joys of Home

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, 9. My Week Printable Planner from Lemon Thistle

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

10. Fall Bucket List Printable from Crafts Unleashed

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, I love a good bucket list that I can use to make memories with my family!

11. Happy Birthday Printable with Gift Idea from Food Crafts Family

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

This is such a pretty printable that can turn a notebook into an extra-ordinary gift!

12. Birthdays and Anniversaries Printable

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, Print this, and stick it up on your refrigerator, so you won’t forget those important dates!

13. Canister Labels from Live from Julie’s House

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, These canister printables are so cute!

14. Weekly Meal Planner Printable

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, Meal Planning is a HUGE time saver!

15. Grocery Shopping List Printable by Section

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

I categorize my grocery list every week by sections of the store, so I can shop quickly without backtracking.

 16. Grownup Coloring Printables from The Scrap Shoppe Blog

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, Here’s another fun coloring page!

17. “Your Are So Loved” Printable from Bombshell Bling

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

This would look great in any room, and is a great reminder for our loved ones!

18. Gratitude Printable from The Prudent Pantry

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

Our attitude is so incredibly important every day!

19. Count Your Blessings Printables from Oh My! Creative

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

20. Thankful Thanksgiving Printable from My Suburban Kitchen

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

21. 2016 Printable Calendar from Clean & Scentsible

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

Even though 2016 is almost over, this beautiful printable calendar would still make a nice decoration for a few more months!

22. 31 Days of Decluttering Calendar from Simply Stacie

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, This decluttering printable is so helpful, and great motivation for simplifying and organizing our homes, right!?

23. Printables for Chore Baskets

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, Whether it’s you, or someone else cleaning your home, these printables cover each room, so nothing gets missed!

24. 30 Days to a Clean Organized Kitchen from Simply Stacie

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

Such a helpful and manageable checklist!

25. Printable Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker Printable

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables, I created this to help remember healthy habits!  🙂

, 25 Free Homemaking Printables,

Many of these printables can be put in a home binder to help keep you organized, and the others make for some beautiful home decor, along with encouragement for your mind and soul.  If you have a helpful printable you’d like to share, add a link in the comments!  🙂