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DIY Photo Gift Idea

Have you seen these vintage looking photo jars all over the internet? I have always wanted to make one, because it’s such a unique way to showcase a picture, and give it an “old timey” look. I was also thinking since Mother’s Day is in a few days, it would make such a nice, but super easy and inexpensive gift for a mom! Especially a mom that loves to get pictures, which is definitely my mom!

, DIY Photo Gift Idea, Joyful Homemaking

A lot of people make these for centerpieces for different occasions like bridal showers or wedding receptions. Isn’t that a fun idea!? This is my first time to make one of these, but I do know that this is NOT an archival way to protect your photo. So whatever photos you want to use, make sure you make a copy to use for this, and not your original, because the photo will deteriorate slowly over time.

, DIY Photo Gift Idea, Joyful Homemaking


  • Mason jar with lid
  • Vegetable or olive oil
  • Copy of picture in sepia or black and white
  • Pretty ribbon
  • Optional: dried flowers

I simply went to Walmart online and sent a digital picture for them to print, and then I picked it up in the store. The prettiest images seem to be in black and white or sepia for this project, because it gives it more of the antique look. Most photo processing places give you those options when you’re ordering prints, so it’s really easy.

, DIY Photo Gift Idea, Joyful Homemaking


If you need to, trim your picture to fit and look nice in your jar. After trimming, put the picture in the position you would like it in the jar. You want your photo big enough to have to curve a little, so it will stay put in the jar.

Then pour your oil in, but NOT all the way to the top of the jar. This gives it less of a chance to leak. If you want to add dried or artificial flowers for extra decoration, go ahead and carefully put them in. Then secure the lid tightly.

, DIY Photo Gift Idea, Joyful Homemaking

If you like, decorate the jar with some pretty ribbon.  🙂

, DIY Photo Gift Idea, Joyful Homemaking

Doesn’t that make a nice little gift for someone? Don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up!  😉
Tip: I would keep your jar away from heat and direct sunlight.

, DIY Photo Gift Idea, Joyful Homemaking

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