Sparkling Lemonade Floats

Aren’t ice-cream floats just the best!? Ever since I was a little kid, my favorite type of float was root beer with vanilla ice-cream! YUM!!!!  These days I like a variety of different float flavors depending on what kind of mood I’m in.  🙂

But did you know that you can make delicious floats with beverages other than soda (or pop as we call it in the North)????

Well you can! I’m here to tell you how to make a fizzy delicious ice-cream float with LEMONADE.

, Sparkling Lemonade Floats, Joyful Homemaking

  • Lemonade or pink lemonade concentrate
  • Unflavored seltzer water (sparkling water)
  • Vanilla or strawberry ice-cream

, Sparkling Lemonade Floats, Joyful Homemaking


  • Mix together your lemonade concentrate with the same amount of seltzer water as it calls for regular water on the can’s directions.

, Sparkling Lemonade Floats, Joyful Homemaking

  • Pour your lemonade into glasses, leaving enough room to add a couple of scoops of your ice-cream. Serve immediately with straws and/or spoons and enjoy!

, Sparkling Lemonade Floats, Joyful Homemaking

My husband and youngest son thoroughly enjoyed their first Sparkling Lemonade Ice-Cream Floats, and would like me to make them again ASAP. They’re ridiculously easy to make, and the sour tang of the lemonade, and the sweet flavor of the creamy ice-cream go together like peaches and cream.  🙂

, Sparkling Lemonade Floats, Joyful Homemaking

Perfect for a hot summer day to cool you off and make some delicious fun!

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