Free Password Tracker Printable

Do you use the same password for everything you do online? I think most of us today realize why that’s probably not a good idea, but we still tend to do it, just because it’s so much easier to remember one password, than a different one for every website and email we use.

But, to have a better chance of keeping your online information secure, it’s good to have different passwords for different sites, AND to change them regularly. So to help you and me both, I’ve created a Free Password Tracker Printable.

, Free Password Tracker Printable, Joyful Homemaking

Just click on the printable image or on the links to open a pdf file to print! If you have a color preference I have a coral one or a blue one., Free Password Tracker Printable, Joyful Homemaking

I’ve left room on the left sides to punch holes for putting in a 3 ring binder if you like.  🙂

So keep track of your passwords even if you change them frequently, without having to rely on only your memory!

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