Inventory List for Freezer

After last week’s shopping trip, in which I bought yet another loaf of bread, my hubby came back from the basement and said we already had three loaves down in our chest freezer. Now, I do like to keep extras of staples on hand, however the fact was, that both of our freezers were almost full, AND I wasn’t up to speed with all that I had in them.

freezer inventory, Inventory List for Freezer, Joyful HomemakingChest freezers don’t make it easy to see what all’s inside.  Even with baskets, things are all stacked on top of each other. So I decided to make an inventory list, so I could see at a glance, what I already had.

Freezer Inventory Printable

freezer inventory, Inventory List for Freezer, Joyful Homemaking

I created a simple freezer inventory printable, which you are welcome to print out.
I went through my chest freezer and filled out my list, and now I know at a glance what I have on hand.
You can keep it on your freezer, or wherever is convenient, to keep tabs on what is coming and going from the freezer.






  1. I needed this list because I had the same problem last week. We have ALOT of bread in our deep freezer!

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