, Organizing in the Boys’ Room, Joyful Homemaking

Organizing in the Boys’ Room

My two sons who are 10 years apart share a relatively small room. The oldest is a collector of things for sure. He tends to save everything. He also doesn’t want his 5 year old brother getting into his things, which I understand. So we bought the same type of shelves we have in my daughter’s room for their room, just in a different color.

, Organizing in the Boys’ Room, Joyful Homemaking

These are the ones in my daughter’s room.  When you are challenged for space, it’s good to think vertically.
So now the boys have lots of storage, and they tend to keep things up off the floor which I like.  However the shelves easily get into disarray because they keep everything and don’t like to get rid of anything.  Here is the before picture of their shelves.

, Organizing in the Boys’ Room, Joyful Homemaking

You can see the shelves are loaded and cluttered, and  driving me crazy!  We have company coming next week and two friends will be staying in the boys room, so of course that gave me the push to tackle the job. I had two sons interfering helping, and making sure I didn’t get rid of anything “important.”
I took the bigger toys to the basement play area, consolidated the books, scrounged up some additional bins from around the house, and threw out the trash.  After a GOOD dusting, here is what the shelves looked like afterwards.

, Organizing in the Boys’ Room, Joyful Homemaking

Much better! We bought these shelves as 4 sets of nine, and then my husband attached them together and to the wall. For us it was much more inexpensive than one solid unit, plus I was having trouble finding one the right size. I am happy with how it turned out; eventually I would like to purchase all matching bins, but for  now what I have works fine.

, Organizing in the Boys’ Room, Joyful Homemaking

Even though it is summer here, I wanted to show you a little tip on how I organize my family’s hats and gloves for the winter. I have tried several different methods, but this one has worked the best for us.  I purchased this vertical shoe bag, and it had just enough sections (ten) to give each one in our family a separate section for gloves and hats.

, Organizing in the Boys’ Room, Joyful Homemaking

I then took a sharpie marker and labeled all the way down, starting with my hubby’s gloves and hats on down to my youngest.

, Organizing in the Boys’ Room, Joyful Homemaking

It’s not frilly, but this has worked really well in keeping our coat closet organized.
Happy Organizing!


  1. oh my!! I would love love love love to have some of those shelves in our basement, in our bedroom…my daughter’s bedroom…..and most of all my craft room!!
    What is the approximate cost for them? If I had them in the craft room …..oh I must!!

  2. those shelves are my favorite! i have two sets in my sons room, side by side for now, but when he gets a desk we will go vertical!

    I love your idea for the winter gear! I have tried separate baskets near the door; in a drawer in each room. For now, all the scarves, hats and gloves are in ONE basket next to our coat rack. It works for summer storage, but when winter comes, we’ll need a different plan. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great idea! Love those shelves! We have limited space and lots of people in our small house. They would be perfect for getting things up off the floor! Love the idea for the winter wear, too! May have to borrow that one!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I recently have switched my kids rooms all around and my 16 and 8 year old daughters now share a room. I have been at a total loss on how to get their very different belongings ranging from make-up and pom poms to Legos and Squinkies.

  5. I LOVE THIS! I know you’re not supposed to use caps, but I’m yelling. I pinned this to my inspiration board on pinterest and am definitely going to look in to this for my son’s room. I like the idea of having an entire wall (or mostly) covered in the storage cubes. So much room for everything!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the shelving! We have a small home so I do all I can to go vertical too. Also use a shoe organizer in our foyer closet for hats, gloves, ponchos, umbrellas, etc. Amazing how useful any item is if you think beyond the “intended” use. 🙂

  7. Your daughter’s room is so sweet, anyone would have such a delightful time just being in it and congratulations on your success at organizing the boys’ room. It’s a very challenging task, for sure.

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