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Random Acts of Organization

So many areas to tackle….What to choose this week???  I am all about simplifying and decluttering, but sometimes getting the motivation to just START the job is overwhelming. So I decided to pick a couple of small jobs that wouldn’t make too much of a mess to complete. As embarrassing as it is, here is one of my “junk” drawers from the kitchen before I tackled it.
home organization, Random Acts of Organization, Joyful Homemaking YIKES!
Every little odd and end that we don’t have an official place for, ends up here.  I sorted everything into 3 piles–trash,  stuff that belonged elsewhere in the house, and what needed to go back in the drawer.  I scrounged up some baskets and an empty tray, and put some putty on the bottom of them so they wouldn’t
move around in the drawer.  Then I  organized what was in the pile to go back. Here is the after….

home organization, Random Acts of Organization, Joyful HomemakingLike items together and corralled!My other chosen task was to purge some old videos from our family’s collection in the living room. Since we don’t have a separate family room,  the living room is really our “living” room. We do so much in this room– homeschooling, playing, watching movies and working on the computer.  It get’s cluttered FAST, and if I don’t stay on top of it,  it gets bad.  So to help keep things somewhat accessible and yet easy to put away, I try to use pieces of furniture that have some closed storage. I bought this cabinet at a yard sale for $40 and my hubby put in a shelf for me so we could store our movies in it. home organization, Random Acts of Organization, Joyful Homemaking
home organization, Random Acts of Organization, Joyful Homemaking
home organization, Random Acts of Organization, Joyful HomemakingI purged 16 of our old VHS movies to donate to our thrift store, and stored our loose miscellaneous items in this decorative box.  home organization, Random Acts of Organization, Joyful Homemaking My goal is to keep what we use and enjoy,  and get rid of what we don’t. Life is so chaotic and cluttered, and I don’t want my home to be, so  these are my baby steps for this week….


  1. Hi Margo! You have a great blog – I’m so happy to have found it. I’m going to follow you from now on. Please stop by for a visit sometime.

  2. Never thought of the sticky stuff on the bottom of stuff to hold it still in a drawer. Yippee!!! My silverware tray is going to stay put!!!

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi Margo!! Girl, you whipped that drawer into SHAPE! Looks great. I am so jealous that you got that cute cabinet for $40 at a yard sale. What a find! The shelf looks like an original part of it too, not an add on. Bonus points for a handy husband! (Lucky!!!)

  4. Great job on everything you did! I love your idea for putting the putty on the bottom of the baskets so they wouldn’t move. One of my other readers suggested Velcro. I need to do that myself! Thanks
    Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up to my Organizing Mission link party!

  5. You’re so right, organization and tidiness are ongoing processes. So many people treat it as a “once and done” event, no wonder their spaces are cluttered.
    Your husband amending the cabinet with a shelf for videos is example of one of my favorite tips “bend the tool to the job, not the job to the tool”.
    Thanks for the links to the other organizing blogs.

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