, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking

Screened Porch Makeover

When we bought our home over three years ago, we were delighted to have a screened-in porch to enjoy the outdoors. However, we hadn’t done much to spruce it up, other than an indoor-outdoor rug, and some garage sale furniture that we spray painted.

, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking

Here is my before shot of my plain, uninspired porch. Since we didn’t eat out here much, and instead mostly came out to relax and chat, I decided to make some changes.

, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking

I wanted to make the space a more comfortable, relaxing area, and so after looking at every store in our area, and then searching online for weeks (who knew that outdoor furniture was more expensive than indoor), I took the plunge and purchased a few key pieces of patio furniture that I really thought we would use and enjoy.

, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking

With the help of my six year old, I (almost) put it all together myself… Can you tell by the mess I made?

, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking

I really wanted a sectional sofa, but after looking at the price tags ($4,000 AFTER 40% off) and considering my future plans for my porch of putting in a door for backyard access, I decided a regular 3 seater sofa would work better.
There were so many loveseats out there, but I wanted a full length sofa to stretch out on when enjoying the porch, and was so happy to find one online with free delivery.  In addition to that, I purchased a nice rocker glider and an ottoman.

After scrounging my garage and basement for a few thrifty finishing touches, here is what my porch looks like now.

, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking

My $12 thrift store coffee table works great out here.

, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking

The lattice on the porch is probably not a permanent fixture. We put it up when we first moved into our house because we had a active toddler and five year old who could have easily pushed through the screen, and the way our yard slopes, it could be an 8-10 foot drop. We would like to come up with a more attractive alternative though.

, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking


, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking

We are enjoying our space SO much more now, that it makes me wish I had invested in comfortable outdoor furniture years ago.

, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking


, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking
I am loving having an “extra room” to enjoy for reading, blogging, chatting and snuggling.
, Screened Porch Makeover, Joyful Homemaking


  1. I love it, Margo! It looks like a great place to relax! Where did you find the new furniture? I keep telling my husband I want those “wicker style outdoor couches” for new outdoor furniture! Great makeover!

  2. This looks so lovely! What a beautiful space you’ve created! Love it. Visiting from It’s Overflowing!

  3. I love your outdoor room! wish we had one. If you don’t like the lattice, you could buy furrin stips (or similar long skinny pieces of wood)and create an orizontal barrier, spacing the orizontal wood strips a couple of inces. you could paint the wood or stain

  4. Hi Margo, I’m visiting from Positively Splendid’s link party. I love your porch makeover, it looks so inviting. I am in the process of making over my sun room myself, so I can relate. You’ve beat me though, it took me seven years to tackle it. ☺
    I think the lattice looks really cute, and it would look pretty cute painted also.

  5. So pretty! A great makeover, and I bet you’re spending a lot more time on the porch 😉
    Stopping by from the It’s Overflowing Party!

  6. WOW!!!! I love your furniture. The coffee table is perfect there! I so need to invest in nice furniture for our screened porch, but I’m such a cheapskate! You will enjoy this so much!

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. That looks so great – I can just imagine relaxing out there with a good read. The lattice looks nice, I think. Adds visual interest, too. It was a great idea to add it.

  8. How nice! A place away from the bugs and it’s so comfy looking. I hope you have a great Summer and get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I found your post via the Tuesday To Do Party. Stop in and see me at Quirky Vistas!

  9. Gorgeous makeover you did a fabulous job!
    Thanks for linking up.

  10. If you painted the lattice and railings/posts white to match your window frames it would look fantastic. You probably don’t like it because the colour contrast is awkward and making it the focal point. And paints is cheap!

  11. Love it! My first thought is to grab some cheapo door trim and just finish the top edge where the lattice is attached… Beautiful job!

  12. What a lovely screened in porch. It just feels so inviting to kick your feet up and relax. Great place for your family to be experiencing the outdoor view, especially if you have a little one. Love the furniture and I do agree with you on your selection. I have a large upstairs deck that I am also debating on whether a sectional or a 3 seater sofa. My deck also has one way in/out that either selection would work. But I like your selection. I will have to look at where I can find a great buy as well. I’ve look locally and they are so pricey, 2,000. for 1 piece.
    I think your lattice is cute, I agree it would be cute painted to a contrast color, or if you want the monotone choice not to compete against your lovely furniture would also be very pretty.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. it takes a special blog for me to follow it, and your coffee table did it for me!! I love your porch!!

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