Brrhhhh…. we hit 45 degrees here yesterday, and I had to turn on the furnace.  I would have been fine you know, but the kids insisted… 😛

I’m actually starting to think about ideas for Christmas gifts, which is a bit early, even for me, but since it’s on my mind, I thought I’d share with you the printable I have to help keep track of your Christmas gift ideas and purchases for loved ones!

, Dinner Ideas for the Week,

Christmas list printable

On to dinner ideas for the week!

, Dinner Ideas for the Week, This is hands down the soup I make most often, which everyone loves, AND it’s an absolute cinch to make!  If you use canned chicken breast, you can keep all the canned ingredients on hand in your pantry!

Chicken, Black Bean & Salsa Soup
Grocery list:  Chicken, black beans, salsa, chicken broth, corn and rice

, Dinner Ideas for the Week, Avocado, Tomato & Habanero Monterey Jack Grilled Cheese
Grocery list:  Sourdough bread, Habanero Monterey Jack cheese, avocado, lemon juice, cumin and tomato

, Dinner Ideas for the Week,

I make this banana bread almost every week, and my hubby always acts like its the first time because he loves it so much!  I’ve long had the recipe memorized!  😛
Banana Bread, eggs and fruit

Sundried Tomato Mayo, Bacon and Egg Sandwich
Grocery list: Bread, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mayonnaise, sundried tomato pesto and spinach

, Dinner Ideas for the Week,
Grocery list:  Frozen hashbrowns, cream of chicken soup,
Cheddar cheese, onion, french fried onions and sour cream


, Dinner Ideas for the Week,

Crispy Bean Burritos (Taquitos)
Grocery list:  Tortillas, refried beans, taco seasoning, vegetable oil, Cheddar cheese, salsa and sour cream

, Dinner Ideas for the Week,

Super easy and so delicious!
Meatball Subs and raw veggies
Grocery list: Buns, meatballs, provolone cheese, pasta sauce and raw veggies

, Dinner Ideas for the Week,

My dessert choice for this week is this absolutely scrumptious Blueberry Coffee Cake.  I made it on Saturday and it was gone by the end of the day, and my husband said, “You have to make that again tomorrow!”

Click on the links below for breakfast and lunch inspiration: 🙂

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Have a great week!