Framed Dry Erase Board

Make and Takes blog has a post with a gorgeous wipe off weekly menu board, and I just had to make one for myself using my kitchen colors. The best part is that it was incredibly easy and inexpensive!

Here is what you need:

, Framed Dry Erase Board, Joyful Homemaking

A picture frame (I used an 11×14)
Scrap of pretty material or scrapbook paper
Frame stand (unless you want to hang it on the wall)
Tape (I used packing tape) or craft glue

Take the cardboard insert out of the frame and wrap your fabric around it.

, Framed Dry Erase Board, Joyful Homemaking

Make sure you do it nice and unevenly like I did, and secure with tape.

, Framed Dry Erase Board, Joyful Homemaking

Put the insert back in the frame, set it on your stand or hang on the wall, and voila!

, Framed Dry Erase Board, Joyful Homemaking

I apologize for the pictures, as it was difficult to get a picture without a glare on the glass.

You are all set to write on it with a dry erase marker.

, Framed Dry Erase Board, Joyful Homemaking

Use it for a menu board, to do list, phone messages, phone numbers, love notes, chores for the kids…

Make and Takes used vinyl letters for the days of the week on her menu board, and hung it on the wall which is of course a great option.

, Framed Dry Erase Board, Joyful Homemaking


, Framed Dry Erase Board, Joyful Homemaking

I made a smaller one to hang on the side of my kitchen cabinet.
It’s such a versatile craft that you could match it to any room in your home.

, Framed Dry Erase Board, Joyful Homemaking

This one made with scrapbook paper is cute for my daughter’s room.

, Framed Dry Erase Board, Joyful Homemaking


  1. I taught a home school hnadicrafts class and this is a project the kids did. They are so versatile and fun! Yours are especially lovely with the fabric!

  2. What a cute and easy idea! I also have a beautiful, white platter that I write on. It also serves as a dry erase board. Love those little touches of creativity! Stopped by from Titus 2sDays. 🙂

  3. Wow – I love this! I am so doing this. And I’m “pinning” it so I don’t forget. Popping over from Titus 2sdays bloghop!

  4. This is a great idea! I’m going to make one for menu’s my husband loves knowing what he’s coming home to for dinner! I’m an avid scrapbooker, well I was before my daughter came along, so hopefully I can find a good peice of paper! Thanks for the great idea!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for this idea! Why didn’t I think of that? I wanted a dry erase board for the kitchen to write food dates on, and the one I bought was supposed to be magnetic but it was a dud (admittedly, it was super cheap). That was just this week! Now I made one like this from materials I already had and it’s hanging on my wall instead of the fridge but it looks awesome!

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