Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Ok, so remember last week I decided to claim my children’s old snack cabinet? Well, this is the reason why.

, Kitchen Cabinet Organization, Joyful Homemaking

Yikes, right! One of my children’s chores is to empty the dishwasher, and  obviously I needed to make it easier for him to put things away more efficiently. So I took everything out and wiped it down, and now with the empty snack cabinet,  I had two cabinets in which to organize my pots and pans etc…
I relocated a couple of dishes I only use rarely to a shelf in the basement for just such things.The rest went back in in a much more orderly fashion, divided between the two cabinets.  I am so happy with the results! This is what they look like now:

, Kitchen Cabinet Organization, Joyful Homemaking

One cabinet I used for primarily pots and pans, and now they are so easy to get in and out.

, Kitchen Cabinet Organization, Joyful Homemaking

The other cabinet I used for most of my glass items. Doesn’t it look so much better!?

While I was on a roll, I decided to work on another cabinet that needed some organization.

, Kitchen Cabinet Organization, Joyful Homemaking

It didn’t look horrible, but I knew it could be better. Remember these little shelves I had bought for a dollar at a yard sale?

, Kitchen Cabinet Organization, Joyful Homemaking

I put them to good use in this cabinet, along with a little turntable I had in the basement. After emptying everything out, I wiped down the cabinet.

, Kitchen Cabinet Organization, Joyful Homemaking

Then I grouped like items together, relocated a couple of things to the pantry, and then put everything else back more orderly.  Here is the after shot:

, Kitchen Cabinet Organization, Joyful Homemaking

It’s a bit more tidy, don’t you think?
If you’re interested in other kitchen organizing posts I’ve done, you can find the pantry here, the spice cabinet
and kitchen counter here and finally the plasticware and dish cupboards.
There are still a few more cupboards to do, and of course the constant need for maintenance.
Check out I’m an Organizing Junkie for more inspiration.

, Kitchen Cabinet Organization, Joyful Homemaking
Blessings, Margo


  1. Nicely done!! I just completed a pantry makeover a month ago and I love it because it makes it so much easier to know what have and don’t have!
    Visiting from Whipperberry link party.

    Angela @

  2. I really need to clean out my pantry. It’s embarassing and lord knows what’s hiding in the back. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I’m a new follower from the Something Swanky Blog Hop. Would love a follow back.

    Amy @ A Little Nosh

  3. I really like those little step shelf thingies… I’ll have to look for something like that for my cupboard.

    I’m very much a foodie and food professional, so I have a lot of kitchen related stuff. So much so that I had to take a page from Julia Child’s book. I use my walls as storage area for my pots and pans, my knives, and my Kitchen Aid whisk/paddle/dough hook along with other baking supplies such as measuring cups and rubber spatulas. Thank God for peg boards!

    I’ll go check out your other kitchen organization posts for tips… I don’t really think I could stop being a foodie. 😉

  4. Wow you did a great job! I have some cupboards that look like your first picture! Maybe that will be this week’s project!

    I’m a new follower!

  5. Great idea, I need to do mine so bad!! But I am afraid very afraid, lol.

    Thanks for linking up to It’s a Keeper thursday I am co-hosting this week I’d love if you’d drop by to say hi.

  6. Hi Margo, you did a great job on organizing your cupboards. Don’t you feel good when you do something like that? I recently found your blog and am now following. Please pop on over to mine and perhaps you would also like to follow me. I would like that. Hugs, Chris

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