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I love going to yard sales because most people are really trying to simplify, and so they offer pretty good deals. My favorite things to look for are usually kitchen items because I cringe when I see the prices for dishes and pots and pans in department stores. I do enjoy looking through any books available as well, for a chance to pick up a favorite or classic, although we utilize our public library a lot, and I do have a kindle for some digital books. I usually glance to see if there are any kids clothing my children are in need of. Of course my kids, at least the two younger, head right for the toys, and I must admit, I cave too often. With the season changing quickly to cool here, I have to settle for other thrifty options besides yard sales, for instance our (sort of local) Salvation Army store is  pretty well stocked. Here are some of my recent thrifty purchases that I am excited about.

, More Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking

I liked this vibrant colored leaf dish, and only paid around a dollar for it. It’s the perfect size to hold a set of keys, or rings by the sink…

, More Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking

For six dollars I picked up this handy bread box, which I intend to give a makeover. At the moment it holds vitamins and prescriptions instead of bread, go figure.

, More Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking

My sister started me on a soup bowl  collection with a giant chocolate brown handled bowl (which my husband thinks is a great coffee mug), and now I am on the lookout for cute soup bowls/mugs. I picked these up at a thrift store in W.Va that my family likes to visit when we’re there, and I think they  look a bit vintage.

, More Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking

At the same thrift store I was fortunate to find this book by Mary Hunt, who by the way is an excellent resource for money saving tips. She has several very readable, helpful and down to earth books.
Even though I use our public library often, it is nice to own some really good books for quick reference. An advantage to getting things like this for very little money is that when you’re done using them, it’s much easier to let go and pass them on without regrets!

Happy bargain hunting!

, More Thrifty Finds, Joyful Homemaking


  1. I have those same exact soup mugs! I have a set of four that were given by a fast food restaurant about 30 years ago filled with clam chowder. I remember buying them even though I hate clam chowder just because I loved the bowls! We use them all the time…they don’t have so much as a chip on them after all these years. Enjoy them!!!

  2. Love the soup bowls and the leaf plate. Would love for you to join us tomorrow at 5pm eastern for Sunday’s Best link party =)

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